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Finding Bliss

Thoughts on finding Bliss: 
Today’s treasures are not to be missed.

Splash, whirl, dance and play,
Celebrate with abandon this special day.

Release your burdens for a time,
Take my hand, as together we climb,
And reclaim all that is sublime.

There will be time to drink from life’s bitter cup,
But today let bliss take you and lift you up. 


Create more Light, more Love, more Laughter!

I did not arrive at today’s post by saying, “I feel fabulous! Today I’m going to write about sunshine and rainbows.” Nope; I’ll hold onto that topic for another day. Honestly, I’m writing about creating more light, more love and more laughter because my attention has been drawn to the anger I spew into the world.

Just yesterday I was headed down the road when a car traveling at a high speed nearly clipped me as I started to change lanes. Thankfully I saw her in time and corrected. She continued on her way while I screamed, “Bitch, slow the fuck down!” She drew alongside me just in time to see me finish venting my rage. At the same time I looked in her window she was waving a hand and saying, “Sorry.” I watched as she continued weaving in & out of traffic never once modifying her speed.

Where was I headed? Oh you’re going to enjoy this one! I was on my way to yoga class. Yeah, we’ll get back to that in a minute.

About a week or so ago I got up in the morning and there were dirty dishes piled up in the sink. The counters were disgusting! I live with other people who work outside of the home. This wasn’t the first time this has happened. The house standard is: if you cook dinner for everyone then the other people clean up. That morning, as I’ve done in the past, I got angry. I cooked dinner so there was no way I was going to clean up too! I fumed. I told myself I wasn’t going to do them. I started to blame and judge those living in my house who left the kitchen a mess. I began to fall into a victim role thinking things like; “just because I’m home they expect me to do it.” On and on.

Then something shifted. I started to see that dirty kitchen in a whole new way. I thought, “I’m going to clean this up for me. I want a clean space.” I put on some music and started scrubbing. While doing this I was peaceful. The anger, resentment, judgment, etc. had all faded away. I began to reflect on how fortunate I was that I had loved ones with which to share a meal and living space. I began to offer gratitude that I wasn’t alone or lonely. I expanded that to include having plenty of fresh food and water to consume.

Once the kitchen was clean I left for yoga class. On the way there I reflected on the how differently the morning turned out. You see, in the past the kitchen scenario played out as I described but I never shifted my awareness. I carried the anger around all day. I stewed and held onto my anger and righteousness. In fact, I cultivated it until I talked to one of those people I lived with. Then it came out. I slammed them with it and punished them. In essence, I created a wedge between us and I felt justified. What this mindset really does is allow me to hold my anger close while distancing myself from other people.

I thought about my relationship and impact to the whole. What influence or effect does my anger have on the web of life?

I look around and see so much violence, so much judgment and tension in the world. I see people bashing each other in the political realm. Today, I even saw someone comment that they thought a post about taking a contract out to kill a person running for President was funny. Really? When is it ever funny to imagine killing someone?

It is not okay to project anger onto others for any reason. Just because they look, think, act or believe differently from me is no excuse. Diversity is expressed nearly everywhere in life; just look around you to perceive that truth.

The day I attended yoga class after shifting my perspective on the dirty kitchen, at the end of class my teacher said to the room at large. “That’s the thing about yoga. It teaches you to see the places of darkness within you. Then you have the choice to change it.” I agree.

Even though a little over a week later finds me screaming at another driver on the way to yoga class I keep working on the insights I receive. That’s the thing about a spiritual path, it keeps reminding you where your work resides until you fully integrate the lessons. Every spiritual path is meant to grow you in this way.

And so I ask you, where is the darkness within you? Is it possible to shine the light on it, offer love to yourself and others and laugh over your past antics? Will you join me in committing to creating more light, more love and more laughter in the world? I deeply hope you do. The world needs us. I need you. Peace.



Coyote the Wisdom Teacher

Coyote is spoken of as the trickster in Native American teachings. I’ve heard the elders tell many tales of his cunning and foolish antics. They also hold coyote in great respect because he is a teacher. As one of the totems of the South, the summertime, coyote is hard at work in his role right now.

If coyote comes into your life it is usually to spin you around and cause havoc. You either end up with steam coming out of your ears or rolling on the ground laughing. Laughter is coyote’s intended result. That’s because when we become too serious or weighed down by life’s challenges we grow rigid. Laughter breaks that up and allows the light to permeate once more. It restores us to balance.

I’ve been working with coyote and the lessons that he brings for some time. I’ve realized that coyote is actually a Wisdom Teacher. Let me explain. It takes great perception, skill and awareness to understand exactly what each person needs to bring them to laughter.

That means coyote studies you. In fact, he is probably studying you right now. I can see him with his head resting lightly on his outstretched paws taking in each minute detail. He sees your struggle, your fear, all of your worries, he sees your doubt, your seriousness, coyote sees it all. Then he takes all that he sees and lays his plans.

If you find yourself spinning around, getting hopelessly lost while driving, or any other thing that throws you off kilter remember that coyote stalks you. He will not rest until deep belly laughter finds you. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear you report that you laughed so hard you cried. Only a master like coyote can bring you this gift because he is a true Wisdom Teacher. I, for one, am extremely grateful that it is so. Coyote, I bow to you.

Message of Hearts

Something pretty amazing took place in my life several years ago. I can not recall the circumstances of my life and what was taking place at the time. The only thing I remember is the hearts.

I began to notice heart shapes in nature. Several times a week I would see a heart. They could be anywhere; in a cloud formation, in the separation of bubbles as I did the morning dishes, in the shape of leaves.

Once I was sent into the woods to sit quietly for an hour. When I looked up there was a leaf directly above my head. It had a heart-shaped hole in it where some tiny bug ate the leaf away. The shape was a perfect heart! I recall that I had difficulty not laughing out loud when I saw that one! I was supposed to be silent while there, so I laughed inside.

There was a time when I didn’t notice them at all, but I’m sure they were still there. After the flood of seeing them every week for several years I did not see them as frequently. I lost my awareness of them and the gift that they brought me for a while. During that time I was working on internal baggage. I did see them but it was much more rare.

The other day I went for a walk and noticed a heart-shaped leaf. Actually, it was a leaf that had been walked on and was broken, but the shape the pieces of the leaf took was a heart. I’ve been seeing them again for quite a while now. So long, in fact, that I can’t pinpoint the exact time that I began to notice them again. I see them everyday now, usually several different hearts in a day.

I’ve never questioned seeing them. I did not ever feel the need to ponder why they showed up for the first time or examine what is happening that I still see them today. There could be some deep message from them that I don’t yet understand, but it is a mote point to me. Here’s why: every single time I see them; whether it was the first time or is ongoing; regardless of if I share that experience with someone or not, I smile.

The hearts make me smile because it is like Mother Nature, the Universe, and the Divine, are sending me a message of love. A reminder that love is here right now. This is not even a conscious thought when I see them. I know, understand and receive the message of the hearts at a level of sacredness contained inside of me. My response is to smile. You may have guessed that the smile is from my heart. It is my answer to the hearts sent to me.

Rain Dance of Celebration!

The rain has found its way here once again! For those of you not living in Northern California this may not register much of an impact. To the many folks who do live here or live in a similar climate where rain is scarce, any falling of water from the skies is cause for celebration!

In response to the rain, my daughter was doing “the happy dance” at her place of work regardless of who might be looking on at the time. She is not alone. Many of us are offering up gratitude and stepping out in the rain for even a small twirl around.

Feeling the rain touch your face, hearing the gentle sound it makes, seeing the rainfall drench everything and everyone in its path, speaks to a deep primal part of us that knows water means life. It brings renewal to the earth and to each one of us. The rain cleans things up and makes a clear path.

This is most appropriate for this day. In many traditions this day is a time to reflect on what has taken place during the past year. It is a time to let go of things that no longer need to remain in our lives. Perhaps we have grown in some way and need different things in our life to help us. Today is also an opportunity to look toward what we would like to create in our life. The cycle of a year is at play as we discern what we have harvested this season and what we want to harvest next Autumn. Important work can be done on this day.

My suggestion is to allow the rain to fall upon you. Let it wash those things that no longer fit away. Invite the rain to fill you with a sense of renewal and hope. Take some time to imagine the clear path it is laying out for you. Then think about what you want to encounter on the path. Be clear in your intentions for next year’s harvest.

If you get stuck or are unsure how to proceed you can call on the ancestors. The veil between Spirit and our physical world is thin at this time. Take time to honor the Elders in Spirit, those ancestors who are easily accessible now. Ask for their assistance if need be.

But first: dance in the rain! At least get your feet wet. I’m betting it will make a difference in how you feel and will give you the openness to proceed.




Life’s Little Surprises

Once in a while life will send you little surprises. They take you unaware and by doing so have the potential to transport you. The unexpectedness of these little surprises brings you more fully present, if only for a moment.

We have experienced such occasions here in Northern California. In fact, they have all taken place in less than a week’s time. Nope, it’s not what you might think. The little surprises have been rain! On three separate days it has rained. Granted they all were gentle showers that lasted a few minutes tops. Still it was rain!

For those of you unfamiliar with our climate in this locale, this may not seem a big deal. You may live in a place where you are accustomed to thunder showers taking place almost daily this time of year. Not so where I live.

To put it in context for you, the first year I lived here this happened: I said, “It looks like it might rain.” This brought laughter from a local (see: person who has lived in this area all their life). They promptly put me in my place by informing me (see:  upstart, translation – not local=no idea what she is talking about), “It is Not going to rain. It NEVER rains here in July.” I took them at their word. Living all of your life in one place does give you some insight and authority, at the very least, on the weather that takes place there.

I know this because I too was once a local. I grew up on the East coast. I learned all about the weather and could read the signs in nature with the best of them. Some of the signals that rain was on the way included: observing the sky, an up kick of wind, but also a feeling in the air and the smell of rain on the breeze well before actual rain fell. I’ve been known to say, “It smells like rain.” Now that statement may sound strange to you, but if I ever said it on the East coast it would indeed rain.

Late last week I was in the house when I “smelled rain”. I let the thought pass right out of my mind because the signs for rain are different here and I thought I did not yet know them. Imagine my astonishment when a few minutes later I heard the splatter of raindrops on the balcony. I exclaimed, “Is that rain?” When I rushed outside, sure enough, it was rain!

That time and each time it has rained over the weekend and today, I have stood outside with my face upturned soaking it in and offering gratitude. I am saying thank you for the rain, which is well needed here. Honestly though, I am wickedly delighted to have received and interpreted the signs of rain in this place correctly! To me that means though I may not be a local, nonetheless, I am someone able to commune with nature in this area. It means I am more solidly a part of the whole in this home. I once again belong.

These little surprises of life have brought me great celebration and joy! The rain made me fully present while restoring a vital piece of my being. The gift was being connected to nature in a way that I took for granted when I was a local. The rain showed me that life still holds surprises no matter where we happen to be.

Wishing you the blessings contained within life’s little surprises!

Tuning In to the Subtleties of Spirit

This morning I was recalling a day not too long ago. The day I was remembering was not one of my best. In fact, I was feeling very down and discouraged about life. Those folks within close proximity of me listened to me express my dissatisfaction. It was pretty grim. In an attempt to lighten the mood we went out. There was a craft & art fair close by. Walking around did not have much impact upon my state.

We stopped for lunch. My husband and I sat on a Victorian porch awaiting our lunch. Our locale had the benefit of overlooking the fair. While I sat there frowning and feeling very low, something in the fair captured my attention. It was a small painted sun-catcher plaque that read, “Life Is Good”. My first response was skepticism. I was not yet willing to let go of my poor attitude. People continued to walk past the vendor with the plaque. I would catch glimpses of it and then it would be revealed to me with its complete message.

My perception slowly began to shift. I started to remember that I had; the gift of a caring companion with me, the financial resources to go out for a meal and the luxury to spend the day strolling along a craft and art fair. Indeed, for me, Life was Good at that moment. It took this reminder from Spirit to help me regain that awareness.

As I sat on the balcony today I was watching the wind playfully interact with the clouds against a cerulean blue sky. With the memory of that day and the teaching foremost in my mind. I thought, “Life Is Good!” Suddenly, I was showered with small pink flowers from the crepe myrtle tree next to me. Delighted laughter bubbled forth from me. I took this as an affirmation from Spirit.

Just now while I’m finishing up writing this post I am listening to music, Willie Nelson started singing, “I’m Alive”. Check it out if you are not familiar with this song. I can tell you that it is one more of the subtleties offered by Spirit.

These small moments may seem coincidences or unimportant to you, but I know with certainty that it is the Divine Creator of Life letting me know, without a shadow of doubt, that Life Is Good!

Learning to recognize the offerings of Spirit is easy. Know that the gifts may often be subtle, yet they are always powerful and exactly what you need. Pay attention. Keep your eyes and senses open. You will see and recognize them too. Once you do they seem to multiply. I hope that makes you smile.

Finding Time…

I don’t own a watch mostly because I never wear them. Even still, I do attend to the demands of time. Time to wake up, eat, work, be with family & friends, pay the bills, on and on it goes. These are the small details that make up life.

At some point humans constructed the idea of time. Breaking it into segments, whittling it down into tiny increments simply to be measured. That morphed into scheduling as much as possible into every second of the day. We’ve somehow bought into the idea that we must continually be in motion or pack time to the hilt. Even this is not enough. How often do we say or hear another person say, “If I can find the time”? It implies that we are so busy we have to create more hours in the day.

Consider the possibility that time is simply a construct of our own making. Digging a little deeper we might ask, “A construct for what?” I would say it is a design to pull our attention away from our true self. We have trouble embracing our radiance. There is no need to find the time or more time. You’ve done enough.

If you see yourself reflected in today’s writing on time, consider that you may believe that you have to do more in order to: ______________. Fill in the blank. Be happy, feel important, feel good, be successful, etc. In reality you don’t have to do anything to have all of those things; you are those things. We’ve forgotten this truth. If you notice that you are trying to find time, pull your attention back to remembering your brilliance. Time has no need to be found but we do.



Lift Me Up!

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the muck? I sure have! Sometimes I fall in in & as if that’s not enough I lay down and roll around in it. There have been times that I’m sunk to my knees. Once I become aware that I am there it can seem difficult to pull myself out. There have been times when I’ve felt weighed down, paralyzed, alone and uncertain about where to go or what to do. It is not a fun place to be!

I also know without a doubt that something or someone will arrive to help lift me up. It might be a kind word or a smile. Some transcendent Presence may throw some rain my way to wash me off. Who knows, maybe inspiration strikes or I see life from a new perspective. It doesn’t have to be something big and flashy to lift you though, it could be anything at all. Today I received the gift of a milkshake and french fries and they lifted me up! Not for what they were but because someone cared enough to think of me and bring them to me. That in and of itself was more than enough!

Plus keep in mind that all of that mud and uh…fertilizer is great for growing something new and wonderful! And your skin may turn out looking amazing without a trip to the spa. Those are benefits to the muck that you may not have thought of before.

Seriously though hang on, assistance it on the way. If you find yourself in down in the muck and need help getting out, as we all sometimes do, look for something to lift you up. However small it may appear, it will arrive. Count on it!

My Loyal Helper

I have a loyal helper who assists me each and every day. He is very attentive to all I do. I am followed from room to room in case I need his aid. He helps do everything! No task is beneath his notice. He calls to me if I am not within sight, “Ma or Mom” he says. After all there may be something tiny or large that he can help me to accomplish. His full name is: Jedi Beauregard Boo Doodles. I call him Boo or Boo Doodles.

Here he is helping meIMAG2722 brush my teeth.

I find it helpful that he takes time to contribute his opinion on my daily selection of attire as you see in this photo.


Here he is helping me to pack when I went on a trip.


Boo even helps me to paint. (He adds his signature paw print when I’m not looking.)


I feel really lucky to have such a steadfast assistant! Not everyone understands that he likes to help do everything. That’s ok because I do. Thanks for being my loyal helper, Boo! You make my days shine!