We Are Powerful

We've been sold a story. It goes something like this: you are small, you are weak, you're just one person, what difference can you make? Besides you are unworthy, you're too this or not enough of that. You're broken, a victim, so shut up, stand down, be submissive and struggle through. The main intention of … Continue reading We Are Powerful

Finding Bliss

Thoughts on finding Bliss:  Today's treasures are not to be missed. Splash, whirl, dance and play, Celebrate with abandon this special day. Release your burdens for a time, Take my hand, as together we climb, And reclaim all that is sublime. There will be time to drink from life's bitter cup, But today let bliss take … Continue reading Finding Bliss


Come and learn Native American Traditional Teachings regarding women, their "Moontime" and their importance within the tribe or community. Discover how you can apply these teachings to enrich your own life. You are invited to join me on SEPTEMBER 20, 2014 at Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Children's Chapel from 12:30pm - 4:30pm (PDT) for … Continue reading RED TENT MOONLODGE GATHERING: AUTUMN IMMERSION

Magical Sparkle (A poem just for fun)

Magical sparkle of the sea, restoring a sense tranquility; Tiny twinkle of reflected light, do you hold a water sprite? Liquid mirrors of the sun, is your purpose purely fun? Water  wonder glimmer, casting ever magic shimmer. Shining dancers to and fro, mesmerizing gleaming show.          

Summer Solstice: the Seat of the Fire

Welcome Summer! Summer is many things and there are vast teachings about this season. Today I wish to honor the fire. Fire burns but it is also brings transformation and renewal. Fire represents Spirit and the elemental spark within all of life. Fire helps us to remember the intensity and passion present in life. Take … Continue reading Summer Solstice: the Seat of the Fire

Gentleness Obtained in Climbing Out of the Depths

Have you ever known a gentle soul? If you are lucky you've had an encounter with such a person. They seem to possess a quality of gentleness that extends to all things the majority of the time. These folks are a pleasure to be around. I find myself becoming calmer when I am with them. … Continue reading Gentleness Obtained in Climbing Out of the Depths

Flush of Spring

The flush of Spring is upon us here in Northern California. Everywhere you travel your eye discovers the hills covered in wildflowers and the trees in bloom. Our seasons here are more subtle than other parts of the states but seasons we do have. Usually we have two Springs. First Spring takes place in January … Continue reading Flush of Spring


The simple pleasures of play renew us even as adults. Playtime functions primarily as fun for me! It can help us to problem solve either during the actual playing or afterward as our mind becomes freed. Many companies understand how morale and productivity increase if playtime is incorporated into the work environment. Don't let that … Continue reading Playtime!