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We Are Powerful

We’ve been sold a story. It goes something like this: you are small, you are weak, you’re just one person, what difference can you make? Besides you are unworthy, you’re too this or not enough of that. You’re broken, a victim, so shut up, stand down, be submissive and struggle through.

The main intention of this story is to draw attention to our powerless over our own lives and over the events taking place in the world. If we believe the prescribed narrative we spend our time focused on our lack or smallness. In doing so we become saddened, frustrated, depressed, angry and hopeless. Our individual realities grow bleak as does the world’s condition. This particular story goes round and round upon itself with never a happy ending.

Fortunately, that story is false! It was concocted to keep us from remembering our truth. Pulling away the veil of illusion, we see clearly that we are powerful beyond measure! We are strong and vital. We effect change every moment by virtue of our being here. We are whole. Our bodies are made of the same substance as is contained within the stars of the Universe. We are indeed magnificent!!!

Claim your power now! Use your voice, stand up and be bold. Think about what is right and just for all. Let compassion, love, hope and kindness be your guides. You can offer these and like qualities silently or with actions each day.

Set intentions for the world through prayers, meditations, or with wishes. Focus your mind, heart and emotions on what you’d like to see for all. Send it out into the world with love. Start and end your day in this way. Know that it will be made manifest.

Quick, tell the others.


Finding Bliss

Thoughts on finding Bliss: 
Today’s treasures are not to be missed.

Splash, whirl, dance and play,
Celebrate with abandon this special day.

Release your burdens for a time,
Take my hand, as together we climb,
And reclaim all that is sublime.

There will be time to drink from life’s bitter cup,
But today let bliss take you and lift you up. 



Come and learn Native American Traditional Teachings regarding women, their “Moontime” and their importance within the tribe or community. Discover how you can apply these teachings to enrich your own life.

You are invited to join me on SEPTEMBER 20, 2014 at Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Children’s Chapel from 12:30pm – 4:30pm (PDT) for a Red Tent Moonlodge Gathering: Autumn Immersion. The church address is: 55 Eckley Lane, Walnut Creek, CA 94549. Register via Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church’s link: or contact

Women of all ages come to rest, renew and remember your sacredness. Join Shelly O’Connell as she shares Traditional Women’s Teachings with you. We will dance, drum and join together on a journey to embrace the true radiance within each woman. Autumn Immersion will give each participant the opportunity to put the teachings into practice immediately. Together we will go deeper into the teachings this season.

Women ages thirteen and older are invited to attend. Workshop participants will bring one symbol of yourself as a woman to place upon the altar which we will create together. Include a journal for notes and homework. Suggested attire is comfortable clothing; long dresses or skirts, if you like, to remind you of your femininity.

Shelly received the Traditional Women’s Teachings from Native Elders. “These teachings completely changed and enriched my life!” she writes. Shelly says of the teachings, “Following the Traditional Women’s Teachings centers you and allows you to step into your wisdom.” Are you ready to step in to your own wisdom?

This will be a four hour workshop offered each season; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter with teachings related to each season. You may attend one workshop, a few or all, it is up to you. Suggested donation of $25.

*Painting by, Valoru*

Magical Sparkle (A poem just for fun)

Magical sparkle of the sea,

restoring a sense tranquility;

Tiny twinkle of reflected light,

do you hold a water sprite?

Liquid mirrors of the sun,

is your purpose purely fun?

Water  wonder glimmer,

casting ever magic shimmer.

Shining dancers to and fro,

mesmerizing gleaming show.






Summer Solstice: the Seat of the Fire

Welcome Summer! Summer is many things and there are vast teachings about this season. Today I wish to honor the fire. Fire burns but it is also brings transformation and renewal. Fire represents Spirit and the elemental spark within all of life. Fire helps us to remember the intensity and passion present in life.

Take a moment to light a small flame or a large one if your location and responsible behavior allow it. Take whatever you wish to release or transform to the fire. It will be forever changed when you give it to the flames. Know that new life is coming, rejuvenation is on the way.

Let the fire teach you of passion and of life-force unleashed. Fire is a complex teacher. You will learn respect in working with it. This is important because it is powerful and it is sacred. Just as you are, my friend. Fire will help you to learn this truth.

Fire is the beacon that gathers the people back to living fully and honestly. Through its teachings we walk a Sacred Road. I offer my gratitude to the Spirit of Fire. Aho.



Gentleness Obtained in Climbing Out of the Depths

Have you ever known a gentle soul? If you are lucky you’ve had an encounter with such a person. They seem to possess a quality of gentleness that extends to all things the majority of the time. These folks are a pleasure to be around. I find myself becoming calmer when I am with them. They don’t stand out or are easy to immediately identify because there is no fanfare about them. One clue that they may be such a person is the sparkle in their eyes. Another is that they listen and observe closely before joining the discussion or interactions taking place.

Through the years I have met a small handful of these people. Over time they shared some of their life story with me. Overwhelmingly these unrelated people had a common theme. Each one had lived through times of extreme adversity. They had been to the depths of being. I’ve heard this referred to as reaching the bottom.

We’ve been told that hard times make us stronger. Thinking about these people makes me question that old adage. What if the real purpose of living through tough times is to make us gentle? That sort of shifts perspective, doesn’t it?

Being gentle in your interactions with all of life opens you to see, be and receive so much more. These people seem to have a deep appreciation and gratitude for life. No matter what it holds; they find the silver lining in the situation. They exclude no one. I have witnessed them treating others equally and with respect. Gentleness has given them internal strength and peace. They are content and open to life at the same time.

I think something happened to these people when they climbed out of the depths. Something profound that shifted their worldview. I’m not sure I can name what that something is but I’m learning one day at a time.



Flush of Spring

The flush of Spring is upon us here in Northern California. Everywhere you travel your eye discovers the hills covered in wildflowers and the trees in bloom. Our seasons here are more subtle than other parts of the states but seasons we do have. Usually we have two Springs. First Spring takes place in January or February and second Spring takes place in late March or April. This year things are modified. The rains that normally arrive in November did not take place until February. Even though we have no snow the trees shed their leaves and the hills turn brown. They are termed “golden,” a color that does show up on them when the light strikes them in a certain way.

I find myself reflecting on the similarities in my life to the way the season has arrived. For me there was no renewal in January or February simply due to the choices I made. In some ways it has been a harsh, dry Winter. Perhaps this is what was needed, to strip away all distractions and adornment until nothing but the bare bones remained. It certainly helped me to see myself more clearly. I learned what needed my attention. There has been time to be still and notice the gifts of Winter and apply them to my life. For this I am grateful.

And yet; I’m thirsty for the renewal, the freshness and the gentle beauty that is unique to the Springtime. I had not realized just how parched I was for the flush of Spring. I plan to soak it all in down to my core essence until I feel myself unfurl and blossom. Something radiant is on the way! The signs are all around me. I open to your delicate and innocent embrace as I fall into you sweet Spring.


The simple pleasures of play renew us even as adults. Playtime functions primarily as fun for me! It can help us to problem solve either during the actual playing or afterward as our mind becomes freed. Many companies understand how morale and productivity increase if playtime is incorporated into the work environment. Don’t let that be your only motivation though. Take some time to play today for the joy of it!