Would You lIke To have More Fun In Your Life?

Would you like to have more fun in your life? Join me at the Women Loving Life Summit happening this Friday, August 25th and Saturday, August 26th. I will be speaking on Key Flirting Tips to Up Your Level of Fun. Learn how to approach flirting as being playful. Discover how to move past the made-up … Continue reading Would You lIke To have More Fun In Your Life?

Friday’s Flirt – Flirting Generates Smiles

Did you know that there is yet another benefit to flirting? Here it is...Flirting Generates Smiles! This is actually very cool because when you are smiling you appear open and approachable. Perhaps that is why men have a habit of instructing women to smile. No need to smile just because a man says so. Instead, think … Continue reading Friday’s Flirt – Flirting Generates Smiles

Flirting Connects You

Flirting Connects You and it does so in powerful ways! Flirting connects you to others in fun and delightful ways. It bridges the space of being in your mind to living in your body. Flirting links you to the magnificence of nature. Most importantly, it opens you to your inner power, beauty, and radiance.When you flirt, you … Continue reading Flirting Connects You

Flirting Helps You Shine

Hi ladies. Did you know that Flirting Helps You Shine? It is true! You will not see it unless there happens to be a mirror or glass close by. What you will experience is an expansion of your energy that feels great! Read more about this in Friday's Flirt, my weekly Flirting Tips for women. … Continue reading Flirting Helps You Shine

Create more Light, more Love, more Laughter!

I did not arrive at today's post by saying, "I feel fabulous! Today I'm going to write about sunshine and rainbows." Nope; I'll hold onto that topic for another day. Honestly, I'm writing about creating more light, more love and more laughter because my attention has been drawn to the anger I spew into the … Continue reading Create more Light, more Love, more Laughter!

Community Connections

Lately I have been giving some thought to community and the connections that are formed there. With social media prevalent in the majority of our lives, community connections has taken on new meaning. Through this type of medium I am able to connect with people all over the world. Most of these types of community … Continue reading Community Connections