Friday’s Flirt – Don’t Overthink It!

Have you ever found yourself getting stuck in your mind around flirting? It happens when you start to think things like; when do I flirt, who can I flirt with, will they respond, what if they do not like me, or worse what if they stop responding to me after we have already made a connection? … Continue reading Friday’s Flirt – Don’t Overthink It!

Small Moments of Play Renew You

Flirting is a form of play that can renew you. Click on the title to see and hear the video where Shelly O'Connell, Flirting Coach for Women and author of Finding Your Flirt talks about how you can be renewed in the small moments by utilizing flirting.

Key Flirting Tips to Up Your Level of Fun. Women Loving Life Summit Speaker.

I’m speaking at the Women Loving Life Summit. It’s FREE to register. I will be speaking on "Key Flirting Tips to Up Your Level of Fun." This is going to be a lively and fun event. Join us! Go to: Looking forward to seeing you there, babe! Shelly

Friday’s Flirt – Flirting Generates Smiles

Did you know that there is yet another benefit to flirting? Here it is...Flirting Generates Smiles! This is actually very cool because when you are smiling you appear open and approachable. Perhaps that is why men have a habit of instructing women to smile. No need to smile just because a man says so. Instead, think … Continue reading Friday’s Flirt – Flirting Generates Smiles

Friday’s Flirt – Up Your Level of Fun

What would you rate as your level fun? Would you claim it as overflowing, occasionally, sometimes, or non-existent? Do you play and have fun daily, weekly, monthly, or rarely? Fun is one area that we are never taught to measure. Because that is true, we can forget to include it in our daily lives. Fun has a … Continue reading Friday’s Flirt – Up Your Level of Fun

Friday’s Flirt – Bring on the Heat with Flirting

Summertime is the perfect time to practice flirting. We tend to be more adventurous during this season as we set out to explore and enjoy being outside. There is a lightness to summer that brings forth playfulness. These things lend themselves to being flirtatious. Everything is amplified in the summer. It is a season of … Continue reading Friday’s Flirt – Bring on the Heat with Flirting

Flirting Helps You Shine

Hi ladies. Did you know that Flirting Helps You Shine? It is true! You will not see it unless there happens to be a mirror or glass close by. What you will experience is an expansion of your energy that feels great! Read more about this in Friday's Flirt, my weekly Flirting Tips for women. … Continue reading Flirting Helps You Shine

pathway in between trees at daytime

The Shift to What I am doing now

Life holds interesting twists and turns. You might find yourself arriving at completely unexpected place. That happened to me. Perhaps you have noticed that my focus here is different from the past. Let me take you on a journey of how that transition came to be. When I started this blog, it was to share … Continue reading The Shift to What I am doing now

Surrender; What’s That?

Often the word surrender is interpreted as quitting or giving up. While it can have that connotation in a siege it has other meanings when it comes to your life. For example, have you ever felt like you were struggling uphill with an impossible load on your back? What if you let some of that … Continue reading Surrender; What’s That?

The Shoulders We Stand On

I've been giving some serious thought to a concept shared with me many years ago by a Native American Elder. They said, "We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us." At the time I likened this to my upbringing that taught, "respect your elders." I did my best to honor and … Continue reading The Shoulders We Stand On