Getting Ready to Flirt, the Key Elements Training

If you want…

  • To feel comfortable and confident flirting.
  • A fresh perspective on flirting that gives you tools to succeed.
  • Key tips that help you get ready to flirt.

An Online Course with Shelly O’Connell, Flirting Coach for Women

Getting Ready to Flirt, The Key Elements Training includes three modules:

Flirting as a form of play is explained. The benefits and importance of play are taught. (Value: $150)

You are introduced to boundaries and intentions. You learn how to craft boundaries and intentions that are authentic to you in flirtation. (Value $ 199)

Hi, I am Shelly O’Connell, your Flirting Coach for this online course. I am a Flirting Coach for Women and the Author of Finding Your Flirt.

About me: For this online course my intention is to teach you the key elements of flirting so that you can easily flirt.

Bio: I coach women to reframe flirting as a form of play and to deconstruct the patriarchal made-up rules about it that limit women. Women invite fun and play into their lives and gain confidence flirting when they engage with my flirting programs.

My professional and personal goals are to have women experience their joy and radiance through fun and engaging programs. I live in Northern California with my husband, Kevin, where I enjoy painting, dancing, being in nature, and of course, flirting.

Want to be a confident flirt so that you can deepen your connections and have more fun? Get started with the online course now!

What to Expect

You will receive your first module after signing up. Module 2 will arrive a day later. Module 3 will be sent to your email one day after Module 3.