Coyote the Wisdom Teacher

Coyote is spoken of as the trickster in Native American teachings. I’ve heard the elders tell many tales of his cunning and foolish antics. They also hold coyote in great respect because he is a teacher. As one of the totems of the South, the summertime, coyote is hard at work in his role right now.

If coyote comes into your life it is usually to spin you around and cause havoc. You either end up with steam coming out of your ears or rolling on the ground laughing. Laughter is coyote’s intended result. That’s because when we become too serious or weighed down by life’s challenges we grow rigid. Laughter breaks that up and allows the light to permeate once more. It restores us to balance.

I’ve been working with coyote and the lessons that he brings for some time. I’ve realized that coyote is actually a Wisdom Teacher. Let me explain. It takes great perception, skill and awareness to understand exactly what each person needs to bring them to laughter.

That means coyote studies you. In fact, he is probably studying you right now. I can see him with his head resting lightly on his outstretched paws taking in each minute detail. He sees your struggle, your fear, all of your worries, he sees your doubt, your seriousness, coyote sees it all. Then he takes all that he sees and lays his plans.

If you find yourself spinning around, getting hopelessly lost while driving, or any other thing that throws you off kilter remember that coyote stalks you. He will not rest until deep belly laughter finds you. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear you report that you laughed so hard you cried. Only a master like coyote can bring you this gift because he is a true Wisdom Teacher. I, for one, am extremely grateful that it is so. Coyote, I bow to you.

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