Gifts of A Broken Heart

A few months ago I read two insights about broken hearts. Elizabeth Cunningham wrote, "Hearts are hard until they are broken." The other quote was from Anita Krissan. It stated: "Let  your heart crumble into an infinite amount of tiny, precious seeds. Then plant love everywhere you go." Each of these statements touched a level … Continue reading Gifts of A Broken Heart

Message of Hearts

Something pretty amazing took place in my life several years ago. I can not recall the circumstances of my life and what was taking place at the time. The only thing I remember is the hearts. I began to notice heart shapes in nature. Several times a week I would see a heart. They could … Continue reading Message of Hearts

Return of the Light

Yesterday for the first time in quite awhile I was able to eat dinner on my balcony with the sun still up. It was very pleasant! My husband and I enjoyed the extra time outside; absorbing the time as much as possible. All too soon the sun slipped behind the hills and the temperature dropped. … Continue reading Return of the Light