Small Moments of Play Renew You

Flirting is a form of play that can renew you. Click on the title to see and hear the video where Shelly O'Connell, Flirting Coach for Women and author of Finding Your Flirt talks about how you can be renewed in the small moments by utilizing flirting.

Friday’s Flirt – Flirting, Fun, and Confidence

I see you out there. I notice your effort, the hard work you are doing every single day. I see the way you show up for your family, friends, and colleagues. I witness the drive and dedication you have to making your business or your life a success. You are on fire.I see you. I pay attention … Continue reading Friday’s Flirt – Flirting, Fun, and Confidence

Friday’s Flirt – Flirting Fun & Finesse

Ladies, did you know that you can join my Flirting Fun & Finesse Facebook Group? This is a place where you can get additional insights on flirting, practice flirting in this private group, and view videos of me talking about flirting in more detail. You can ask questions, share your experiences around flirting and more. Sorry … Continue reading Friday’s Flirt – Flirting Fun & Finesse

Friday’s Flirt – How to Flirt: Tips for Successful Flirting Article

Allow me to introduce you to the On Purpose Woman Magazine. Let me say that it is a wonderful resource for women! This online magazine contains informative, thought-provoking articles written by women. You can learn about amazing women doing interesting and meaningful work. Fun is in this publication too. Take a moment to read How to Flirt: Tips … Continue reading Friday’s Flirt – How to Flirt: Tips for Successful Flirting Article

Friday’s Flirt – Think of Flirting as Self-Care

Start to Think of Flirting as Self-Care. When you are flirting you are raising your energy, radiance, and vibration to one of fun and play. This automatically makes you feel great! You shine with happiness when you are engaged in flirting with another person. Worries, stress, and the hassles of the day melt away. You live … Continue reading Friday’s Flirt – Think of Flirting as Self-Care

Steps to Feel Good Daily Interview

I had the opportunity to talk with Lona DeRieux during her show, Steps to Feel Good Daily with Lona. She shares tips to feel good each day and interviews guests who share similar information. During this show we talked about ways that flirting makes you feel good. I gave tips and information on flirting. We … Continue reading Steps to Feel Good Daily Interview

Flirting Connects You

Flirting Connects You and it does so in powerful ways! Flirting connects you to others in fun and delightful ways. It bridges the space of being in your mind to living in your body. Flirting links you to the magnificence of nature. Most importantly, it opens you to your inner power, beauty, and radiance.When you flirt, you … Continue reading Flirting Connects You

Feeling Frazzled? Flirt!

Hi Babe, do you ever have a moment or a day that leaves you stressed? I am sure you have been there. Your shoulders start getting tense and closer to your ears. The muscles in your body tighten, and your brain begins working overtime. It can be overwhelming. Not to worry, there is an easy solution. If … Continue reading Feeling Frazzled? Flirt!

Tired of Being Ghosted?

Tired of being ghosted? Want to keep your power in dating and relationships? Consider Flirting Coaching to help you gain confidence, have fun and have ongoing support. Hi, I am Shelly O’Connell, Flirting Coach for Women, and the Author of FINDING YOUR FLIRT. I coach women to gain confidence flirting, enhance their connections, and shine … Continue reading Tired of Being Ghosted?

Friday’s Flirt – Sex & Flirting

Hiya, today we are talking about Sex & Flirting. Oh, wait. You are thinking that flirting is so much more than sexual gratification. Yes, that is completely true! The past Friday's Flirt have covered the many topics of what flirting truly is at heart. Being playful, having confidence, staying in the moment, engaging in fun, … Continue reading Friday’s Flirt – Sex & Flirting