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Awaken Spring

Spring is the time of renewal, gentle beauty, and grace. It offers us the opportunity to refresh and be struck by innocence, trust and wonder. Open to the gifts this season holds for you.

What’s that you say? No flowers, cute baby animals or sunshine yet in your season of Spring.

No worries, let the rains provide cleansing of old ways of being that no longer support you. Turn your face toward the rain showers for the life that they bring. Embrace the mud as if you were a child who is thrilled to be covered head to toe in the essence of Mother Earth. Take yourself out there and make some mud pies, cook up what you want to bring into being in this season of rebirth. And don’t be sad, the flowers and sunshine will find you soon.


Rain Dance of Celebration!

The rain has found its way here once again! For those of you not living in Northern California this may not register much of an impact. To the many folks who do live here or live in a similar climate where rain is scarce, any falling of water from the skies is cause for celebration!

In response to the rain, my daughter was doing “the happy dance” at her place of work regardless of who might be looking on at the time. She is not alone. Many of us are offering up gratitude and stepping out in the rain for even a small twirl around.

Feeling the rain touch your face, hearing the gentle sound it makes, seeing the rainfall drench everything and everyone in its path, speaks to a deep primal part of us that knows water means life. It brings renewal to the earth and to each one of us. The rain cleans things up and makes a clear path.

This is most appropriate for this day. In many traditions this day is a time to reflect on what has taken place during the past year. It is a time to let go of things that no longer need to remain in our lives. Perhaps we have grown in some way and need different things in our life to help us. Today is also an opportunity to look toward what we would like to create in our life. The cycle of a year is at play as we discern what we have harvested this season and what we want to harvest next Autumn. Important work can be done on this day.

My suggestion is to allow the rain to fall upon you. Let it wash those things that no longer fit away. Invite the rain to fill you with a sense of renewal and hope. Take some time to imagine the clear path it is laying out for you. Then think about what you want to encounter on the path. Be clear in your intentions for next year’s harvest.

If you get stuck or are unsure how to proceed you can call on the ancestors. The veil between Spirit and our physical world is thin at this time. Take time to honor the Elders in Spirit, those ancestors who are easily accessible now. Ask for their assistance if need be.

But first: dance in the rain! At least get your feet wet. I’m betting it will make a difference in how you feel and will give you the openness to proceed.




Life’s Little Surprises

Once in a while life will send you little surprises. They take you unaware and by doing so have the potential to transport you. The unexpectedness of these little surprises brings you more fully present, if only for a moment.

We have experienced such occasions here in Northern California. In fact, they have all taken place in less than a week’s time. Nope, it’s not what you might think. The little surprises have been rain! On three separate days it has rained. Granted they all were gentle showers that lasted a few minutes tops. Still it was rain!

For those of you unfamiliar with our climate in this locale, this may not seem a big deal. You may live in a place where you are accustomed to thunder showers taking place almost daily this time of year. Not so where I live.

To put it in context for you, the first year I lived here this happened: I said, “It looks like it might rain.” This brought laughter from a local (see: person who has lived in this area all their life). They promptly put me in my place by informing me (see:  upstart, translation – not local=no idea what she is talking about), “It is Not going to rain. It NEVER rains here in July.” I took them at their word. Living all of your life in one place does give you some insight and authority, at the very least, on the weather that takes place there.

I know this because I too was once a local. I grew up on the East coast. I learned all about the weather and could read the signs in nature with the best of them. Some of the signals that rain was on the way included: observing the sky, an up kick of wind, but also a feeling in the air and the smell of rain on the breeze well before actual rain fell. I’ve been known to say, “It smells like rain.” Now that statement may sound strange to you, but if I ever said it on the East coast it would indeed rain.

Late last week I was in the house when I “smelled rain”. I let the thought pass right out of my mind because the signs for rain are different here and I thought I did not yet know them. Imagine my astonishment when a few minutes later I heard the splatter of raindrops on the balcony. I exclaimed, “Is that rain?” When I rushed outside, sure enough, it was rain!

That time and each time it has rained over the weekend and today, I have stood outside with my face upturned soaking it in and offering gratitude. I am saying thank you for the rain, which is well needed here. Honestly though, I am wickedly delighted to have received and interpreted the signs of rain in this place correctly! To me that means though I may not be a local, nonetheless, I am someone able to commune with nature in this area. It means I am more solidly a part of the whole in this home. I once again belong.

These little surprises of life have brought me great celebration and joy! The rain made me fully present while restoring a vital piece of my being. The gift was being connected to nature in a way that I took for granted when I was a local. The rain showed me that life still holds surprises no matter where we happen to be.

Wishing you the blessings contained within life’s little surprises!

Musings of Rain

Here in Northern California we have a very dry season. The rain that normally visits us starting in November has been nearly non-existent. Needless to say, people have begun to express concern.

Yesterday morning while a passenger I saw life re-emerging in the subtle greening of the hills and in the blossoming of a few trees. I closed my eyes and began imagining all that I knew of rain. I brought to mind the feel of  rain on my face. I remembered the smell that accompanies rain or even the promise of rain. I thought back to some truly magnificent thunder storms I have seen and recalled standing on a street with it raining on one side and not the other. I found myself smiling!

In the early afternoon I noticed a fine mist of water on the windshield. Again I took a moment to bring memories of rain to me. Upon waking today it was raining! The earth was wet. Birds were singing. My first thought was, “Yeah! Rain!”

The Native American Elders taught me that water is the first medicine. “Without water there would be no life”, they instructed. This morning I welcome the rain, the water and first medicine with gratitude and a smile.

Do you have memories to share of rain? I would love to hear them!