Navigating the Space Between

Finding yourself in a place where what was and what may be can be challenging. You have grown beyond your old life and your new life has not yet fully formed. It might be tempting to cling to the old since it is familiar. However, it is like wearing a pair of shoes that are … Continue reading Navigating the Space Between

Life’s Little Surprises

Once in a while life will send you little surprises. They take you unaware and by doing so have the potential to transport you. The unexpectedness of these little surprises brings you more fully present, if only for a moment. We have experienced such occasions here in Northern California. In fact, they have all taken … Continue reading Life’s Little Surprises

Morning Snuggles

On a usual day, I rise. I say good morning to my cat, Boo Doodles and our day begins. This day started differently. Immediately upon waking, Boo Doodles came over to me with a lovey noise. I said good morning and started petting him. He began to kiss and clean my hand. He was very … Continue reading Morning Snuggles

Memorial Day Revisioned

Today is set aside to remember those who have died while serving in the armed forces. The precept is to honor those who lost their lives while fighting to make this a better world for the rest of us. That is an aspect of Memorial Day but to the people who are left behind that … Continue reading Memorial Day Revisioned

Hearth & Home

Today marks the last day of the Fall season. Tomorrow we welcome Winter. My thoughts move toward the distant past when people moved more fluidly with the seasons. They understood that Nature and the seasons offered reflections of ways to be that were beneficial to their well-being. To that purpose it might be interesting to … Continue reading Hearth & Home