Feeling Frazzled? Flirt!

Hi Babe, do you ever had a moment or a day that leaves you stressed? I am sure you have been there. Your shoulders start getting tense and closer to your ears. The muscles in your body tighten, and your brain begins working overtime. It can be overwhelming. Not to worry, there is an easy solution. If … Continue reading Feeling Frazzled? Flirt!

Make Relationships More Interesting

Are you currently in a relationship or do you want to be? There can be many great things about relationships, and they can have their challenges too. Being together is wonderful! And yet relationships may sometimes feel stagnant, dull, or even downright boring. Especially if you have been together for a while. It does not have … Continue reading Make Relationships More Interesting

Flirting Brings Fun to Rainy Days

Did you know that you can bring flirting to nearly any situation? Here is a recent example. On a rainy day my husband and I were out and about. He parked the truck. When I opened the door there was a large mud puddle where I would be getting out. I let him know and … Continue reading Flirting Brings Fun to Rainy Days