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Need a Reset?

Feeling tired, overwhelmed, bored or wacka do? Nature is the ultimate reset button when you need to rest, renew, and restore a sense of equilibrium.

Science now has a multitude of studies to prove the benefits of spending even twenty minutes in nature. But you don’t have to take their word or even mine for it. Try it for yourself and see what happens. Get out there and sit, walk, bike, hike, boat, float or zip-line your way to the reset you need. Do it today, I dare ya!

Find The Fun

As a part of your self-support plan include some fun. Taking the time to play and laugh opens you to possibilites that you might not have considered. Fun renews you and places you fully in the present moment. Playfulness and fun are trying to engage you. Notice them and let them in. If you get stuck think of the two in this photo for inspiration. Ready, set, go!!!

Little Moments of Joy, Why They are Important

Little moments of joy call to us to pay attention to what it is that makes our heart smile. They ring with truth’s tone for the way they instantly restore us to our essential essence. As we experience them we are fully present in that moment.

Awareness of these tiny delights remind us that life is meant to be enjoyed while we are living it. They point the way to creating a life that uplifts and nurtures us.

They may be small, but they are powerful! When little moments of joy happen, notice them, pay close attention. Let them guide you and see what happens. Report back…

Finding Bliss

Thoughts on finding Bliss: 
Today’s treasures are not to be missed.

Splash, whirl, dance and play,
Celebrate with abandon this special day.

Release your burdens for a time,
Take my hand, as together we climb,
And reclaim all that is sublime.

There will be time to drink from life’s bitter cup,
But today let bliss take you and lift you up. 


Rain Dance of Celebration!

The rain has found its way here once again! For those of you not living in Northern California this may not register much of an impact. To the many folks who do live here or live in a similar climate where rain is scarce, any falling of water from the skies is cause for celebration!

In response to the rain, my daughter was doing “the happy dance” at her place of work regardless of who might be looking on at the time. She is not alone. Many of us are offering up gratitude and stepping out in the rain for even a small twirl around.

Feeling the rain touch your face, hearing the gentle sound it makes, seeing the rainfall drench everything and everyone in its path, speaks to a deep primal part of us that knows water means life. It brings renewal to the earth and to each one of us. The rain cleans things up and makes a clear path.

This is most appropriate for this day. In many traditions this day is a time to reflect on what has taken place during the past year. It is a time to let go of things that no longer need to remain in our lives. Perhaps we have grown in some way and need different things in our life to help us. Today is also an opportunity to look toward what we would like to create in our life. The cycle of a year is at play as we discern what we have harvested this season and what we want to harvest next Autumn. Important work can be done on this day.

My suggestion is to allow the rain to fall upon you. Let it wash those things that no longer fit away. Invite the rain to fill you with a sense of renewal and hope. Take some time to imagine the clear path it is laying out for you. Then think about what you want to encounter on the path. Be clear in your intentions for next year’s harvest.

If you get stuck or are unsure how to proceed you can call on the ancestors. The veil between Spirit and our physical world is thin at this time. Take time to honor the Elders in Spirit, those ancestors who are easily accessible now. Ask for their assistance if need be.

But first: dance in the rain! At least get your feet wet. I’m betting it will make a difference in how you feel and will give you the openness to proceed.




Magical Sparkle (A poem just for fun)

Magical sparkle of the sea,

restoring a sense tranquility;

Tiny twinkle of reflected light,

do you hold a water sprite?

Liquid mirrors of the sun,

is your purpose purely fun?

Water  wonder glimmer,

casting ever magic shimmer.

Shining dancers to and fro,

mesmerizing gleaming show.






Lift Me Up!

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the muck? I sure have! Sometimes I fall in in & as if that’s not enough I lay down and roll around in it. There have been times that I’m sunk to my knees. Once I become aware that I am there it can seem difficult to pull myself out. There have been times when I’ve felt weighed down, paralyzed, alone and uncertain about where to go or what to do. It is not a fun place to be!

I also know without a doubt that something or someone will arrive to help lift me up. It might be a kind word or a smile. Some transcendent Presence may throw some rain my way to wash me off. Who knows, maybe inspiration strikes or I see life from a new perspective. It doesn’t have to be something big and flashy to lift you though, it could be anything at all. Today I received the gift of a milkshake and french fries and they lifted me up! Not for what they were but because someone cared enough to think of me and bring them to me. That in and of itself was more than enough!

Plus keep in mind that all of that mud and uh…fertilizer is great for growing something new and wonderful! And your skin may turn out looking amazing without a trip to the spa. Those are benefits to the muck that you may not have thought of before.

Seriously though hang on, assistance it on the way. If you find yourself in down in the muck and need help getting out, as we all sometimes do, look for something to lift you up. However small it may appear, it will arrive. Count on it!

Date to Create

If you are like me your life is pretty busy. For several days now I have been longing to paint. My days have been full with other things; putting paint to canvas had to wait.

I decided to make a date to create. Putting it on my calendar may sound counter productive to the creative process and yet I find that I have been looking forward to the appointed day and time. Today is that day!

Consider me unplugged! I have the entire day to myself and my date to create has arrived!!! If you try to contact me through any means you will find me unavailable. My canvas is out, the paints are ready and the brush awaits my hand. I have entered another realm. Here’s wishing you do too!

See you on the flip side. IE: I will return to this world and being in contact tomorrow. Now I must go…the muse calls.

My Loyal Helper

I have a loyal helper who assists me each and every day. He is very attentive to all I do. I am followed from room to room in case I need his aid. He helps do everything! No task is beneath his notice. He calls to me if I am not within sight, “Ma or Mom” he says. After all there may be something tiny or large that he can help me to accomplish. His full name is: Jedi Beauregard Boo Doodles. I call him Boo or Boo Doodles.

Here he is helping meIMAG2722 brush my teeth.

I find it helpful that he takes time to contribute his opinion on my daily selection of attire as you see in this photo.


Here he is helping me to pack when I went on a trip.


Boo even helps me to paint. (He adds his signature paw print when I’m not looking.)


I feel really lucky to have such a steadfast assistant! Not everyone understands that he likes to help do everything. That’s ok because I do. Thanks for being my loyal helper, Boo! You make my days shine!

Get Up & Dance!

A few years back I initiated “dance night” with my husband. At the time we lived in a cold climate and I wanted something fun to do without going out on winter nights. This is how Wednesday dance nights originated in our house.

Circumstances never gave me the chance to learn the dance moves with girlfriends during childhood so this was a big step on my part. For years I never did dance, even when asked. I was too self-conscious at the time. My husband did not dance much either.

Regardless of our past we both got on board. We put on some music and much to my surprise we had a great time! My husband began trying out all kinds of moves getting more outrageous with my increasing laughter.  At one point our teenaged daughter arrived home from work to witness us dancing. She offered suggestions for improvement from her seat. I quickly made a rule that no suggestions/opinions were permitted unless you were on the dance floor yourself and were dancing. That put a halt to the suggestions. She eventually joined us once in a while for some dances.

We have progressed to dancing in public and still have a ball. I highly recommend you try it! It doesn’t matter if you are any good or what you look like while dancing. What is important is enjoying yourself while dancing. You body gets a chance to work out the kinks and you may finding yourself laughing. Have a good time! What have you got to lose? Get up and dance!