Tired of Being Ghosted?

Tired of being ghosted? Want to keep your power in dating and relationships? Consider Flirting Coaching to help you gain confidence, have fun and have ongoing support. Hi, I am Shelly O’Connell, Flirting Coach for Women, and the Author of FINDING YOUR FLIRT. I coach women to gain confidence flirting, enhance their connections, and shine … Continue reading Tired of Being Ghosted?

Friday’s Flirt – Sex & Flirting

Hiya, today we are talking about Sex & Flirting. Oh, wait. You are thinking that flirting is so much more than sexual gratification. Yes, that is completely true! The past Friday's Flirt have covered the many topics of what flirting truly is at heart. Being playful, having confidence, staying in the moment, engaging in fun, … Continue reading Friday’s Flirt – Sex & Flirting

Make Relationships More Interesting

Are you currently in a relationship or do you want to be? There can be many great things about relationships, and they can have their challenges too. Being together is wonderful! And yet relationships may sometimes feel stagnant, dull, or even downright boring. Especially if you have been together for a while. It does not have … Continue reading Make Relationships More Interesting

3 Key Tips to Flirting Success

There are many things that make flirting great. Here are the 3 Key Tips to Flirting Success.  Remember to have fun and to reframe flirting as being playful. Flirting is something that we do for ourselves because it is fun! It brings us enjoyment, vitality, and openness.  Know your boundaries before you flirt. Be aware of them while … Continue reading 3 Key Tips to Flirting Success

Flirting Class Memberships for Women

Flirting is the key to any great relationship. It is the secret ingredient that keeps your relationship fresh. You add fun, playfulness, laughter, and sexiness to your relationship when you flirt with your partner. The connection you have together is deepened too. Women can now join Flirting Class to learn how. See membership details below.  FLIRTING … Continue reading Flirting Class Memberships for Women

Flirting with exotic lipsticks masterclass for women

Women discover your hidden Diva during this fun and flirty event, Flirting with Exotic Lipsticks Masterclass. Prepare to unleash your wild side in time for Halloween. During this delightfully playful experience you will learn how to flirt with lipstick, mesmerize men, the meaning of your kiss imprint, be introduced to exotic lip colors, have a … Continue reading Flirting with exotic lipsticks masterclass for women

Fun Flirting Event for women! 3 Tips to attract a guy masterclass

Hey ladies, want to attract a guy? Not sure how to go about it? Newly single or needing to build confidence in attracting a guy? Join me, Shelly O'Connell, Expert Flirt, and Flirting Coach for Women, for this Fun Flirting Event! 3 Key Tips to Attract a Guy Masterclass. Discover 3 key flirting tips to … Continue reading Fun Flirting Event for women! 3 Tips to attract a guy masterclass

Lipstick Flirting & Fun Masterclass for women August 9, 2022, 4pm – 5pm Pacific

Hey Sugar, give yourself an hour of fun with our Lipstick Flirting and Fun Masterclass for Women. Men are mesmerized when you apply lipstick, making it the ideal time to flirt. During this playful experience you will learn ways you can flirt with lipstick, find out what your kiss imprint means, discover flirty lip colors, … Continue reading Lipstick Flirting & Fun Masterclass for women August 9, 2022, 4pm – 5pm Pacific

Flirting Fun and Openness Article

This article talks about flirting as a form of play. Interested in having fun and openness in your life? Read my article on flirting in the the On Purpose Woman Magazine. Use the link and turn to page 18 to learn more about flirting. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftinyurl.com%2F56w86upy%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR195UojLRmjYOvMdK-3_hmZw7_Q2b6tvymDNZWklPrXWB9T_TgbvwjRjY0&h=AT2bfxuEcHQom1QpymIj2h7f2zoiPeROiAvhfV5lVcL5sWt_N_sTrnHcnLVog3Ik8UzhzSCElCXZXC1QI0Sy3vxbAreZ6BtutYytXHjDiCM3uPUhfBcmbnwVEVdhxzpGRxXhQ0v334SmyVpzMw&__tn__=-UK-R&c%5B0%5D=AT29he1f1ECyed4EtqYVTStMnJM-XkQPsJ2YoYzosbBtN9WuMOx2bCBsVrMurS6z15fTYb65iPSaRMQVu_tE6f4m18Ul6MztTMBJXhn2sWU9hJKvU9wMOodh1dU9Msu2TD34p3UgVsj4VK9fPKapY8T6TTndc6wzVP8rtmypbr7l-EuWJOKGfK-35hoSRm72URjdW_xC