You Can be Confident in Flirting

I know that you have been building on your flirting skills and yet there may still be times that you feel unsure of flirting. Perhaps you act confident but lose your cool if someone talks with you. Maybe things are going well until you begin to have feelings for the other person. It is not uncommon … Continue reading You Can be Confident in Flirting

Calling Forth Confidence

Within each of us lies a mighty lion who is fierce and has unwavering strength. This is the aspect inside of us that knows what is right for us. It is the one that stands and fights for us. Equally it holds our ground against any threat. We call upon this inner lion whenever we move … Continue reading Calling Forth Confidence

Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself. Be certain of your talents, your gifts and your abilities. Have confidence in your knowledge, your wisdom and your capacity to grow. Trust that you are incredibly amazing and wonderful! Your unique makeup and attributes are by design. Knowing all of this, believe you can do that which you think is impossible. … Continue reading Believe in Yourself