2 for 1 Votes today in Fab Over 40 Contest

You get 2 for 1 votes today when you donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Select the donation button when you vote for me in this fun contest. They do amazing work and there is still so much needed in the way of research for women. Please consider a donation when you vote. 2 … Continue reading 2 for 1 Votes today in Fab Over 40 Contest

Looking for Transformation and Fun?

Tell me love, are you Looking for Transformation and Fun? Now is your opportunity to have it. Sign up for Flirting Coaching to help you gain confidence, embody your radiant essence, make and deepen connections, and bring playful fun into your life.During Flirting Coaching, you transform while having fun. You will define your unique flirting … Continue reading Looking for Transformation and Fun?

Your Specific Flirting Goals and Concerns

Hi lovely, Your Specific Flirting Goals and Concerns are important. They are the places where you have trouble when it comes to flirting, and they are what you hope for too. You have areas that are specific to you and there may be similarities that you share with other women when it comes to flirting. Sometimes it … Continue reading Your Specific Flirting Goals and Concerns

Navigating the Space Between

Finding yourself in a place where what was and what may be can be challenging. You have grown beyond your old life and your new life has not yet fully formed. It might be tempting to cling to the old since it is familiar. However, it is like wearing a pair of shoes that are … Continue reading Navigating the Space Between


Intention is all about where you focus your attention. It's the actions created based upon what it is that you want. Consider intention the plan that you have made to get there. We all know that some intentions get swept away much like the waves erasing writing in the sand. What then makes our intention come … Continue reading Intention

What Do You Really Fear?

People sometimes let fear limit their dreams and goals that they hold for their lives. These worries might be running under the surface of conscious thought. Whether the fears are known or a vague anxiety they still function as blocks or constrictions in realizing the goals for our lives. Happily, these restrictions can be lifted. … Continue reading What Do You Really Fear?

Steps to Freedom

Living in the "Land of the Free" and feeling free might be considered as an automatic compliment to each other. In an ideal world that concept would be true. For any of you living in this country or others where feeling free is not your experience here are some tips toward gaining a feeling of … Continue reading Steps to Freedom