Looking for Transformation and Fun?

Tell me love, are you Looking for Transformation and Fun? Now is your opportunity to have it. Sign up for Flirting Coaching to help you gain confidence, embody your radiant essence, make and deepen connections, and bring playful fun into your life.

During Flirting Coaching, you transform while having fun. You will define your unique flirting goals, learn how to move past limitations, learn key skills in the art of flirtation, and put the flirting skills into practice with the Finding Your Flirt Program!

The Finding Your Flirt Program is the best value I offer on Flirting Coaching. Total Value ($2,700), Price is $1,097. The Finding Your Flirt Program includes twelve coaching calls that are specific to your flirting needs and goals. Each call is sixty minutes via Zoom. 

If you would like to talk in more detail, schedule a conversation with me by clicking on Schedule a Consultation in the header of the website. 

Ciao Bella, 

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