3 Key Tips to Flirting Success

There are many things that make flirting great. Here are the 3 Key Tips to Flirting Success.  Remember to have fun and to reframe flirting as being playful. Flirting is something that we do for ourselves because it is fun! It brings us enjoyment, vitality, and openness.  Know your boundaries before you flirt. Be aware of them while … Continue reading 3 Key Tips to Flirting Success

Flirting Class Memberships for Women

Flirting is the key to any great relationship. It is the secret ingredient that keeps your relationship fresh. You add fun, playfulness, laughter, and sexiness to your relationship when you flirt with your partner. The connection you have together is deepened too. Women can now join Flirting Class to learn how. See membership details below.  FLIRTING … Continue reading Flirting Class Memberships for Women

Flirting Fun and Openness Article

This article talks about flirting as a form of play. Interested in having fun and openness in your life? Read my article on flirting in the the On Purpose Woman Magazine. Use the link and turn to page 18 to learn more about flirting. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftinyurl.com%2F56w86upy%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR195UojLRmjYOvMdK-3_hmZw7_Q2b6tvymDNZWklPrXWB9T_TgbvwjRjY0&h=AT2bfxuEcHQom1QpymIj2h7f2zoiPeROiAvhfV5lVcL5sWt_N_sTrnHcnLVog3Ik8UzhzSCElCXZXC1QI0Sy3vxbAreZ6BtutYytXHjDiCM3uPUhfBcmbnwVEVdhxzpGRxXhQ0v334SmyVpzMw&__tn__=-UK-R&c%5B0%5D=AT29he1f1ECyed4EtqYVTStMnJM-XkQPsJ2YoYzosbBtN9WuMOx2bCBsVrMurS6z15fTYb65iPSaRMQVu_tE6f4m18Ul6MztTMBJXhn2sWU9hJKvU9wMOodh1dU9Msu2TD34p3UgVsj4VK9fPKapY8T6TTndc6wzVP8rtmypbr7l-EuWJOKGfK-35hoSRm72URjdW_xC


The simple pleasures of play renew us even as adults. Playtime functions primarily as fun for me! It can help us to problem solve either during the actual playing or afterward as our mind becomes freed. Many companies understand how morale and productivity increase if playtime is incorporated into the work environment. Don't let that … Continue reading Playtime!