Flush of Spring

The flush of Spring is upon us here in Northern California. Everywhere you travel your eye discovers the hills covered in wildflowers and the trees in bloom. Our seasons here are more subtle than other parts of the states but seasons we do have. Usually we have two Springs. First Spring takes place in January or February and second Spring takes place in late March or April. This year things are modified. The rains that normally arrive in November did not take place until February. Even though we have no snow the trees shed their leaves and the hills turn brown. They are termed “golden,” a color that does show up on them when the light strikes them in a certain way.

I find myself reflecting on the similarities in my life to the way the season has arrived. For me there was no renewal in January or February simply due to the choices I made. In some ways it has been a harsh, dry Winter. Perhaps this is what was needed, to strip away all distractions and adornment until nothing but the bare bones remained. It certainly helped me to see myself more clearly. I learned what needed my attention. There has been time to be still and notice the gifts of Winter and apply them to my life. For this I am grateful.

And yet; I’m thirsty for the renewal, the freshness and the gentle beauty that is unique to the Springtime. I had not realized just how parched I was for the flush of Spring. I plan to soak it all in down to my core essence until I feel myself unfurl and blossom. Something radiant is on the way! The signs are all around me. I open to your delicate and innocent embrace as I fall into you sweet Spring.

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