Life’s Little Surprises

Once in a while life will send you little surprises. They take you unaware and by doing so have the potential to transport you. The unexpectedness of these little surprises brings you more fully present, if only for a moment. We have experienced such occasions here in Northern California. In fact, they have all taken … Continue reading Life’s Little Surprises

Tuning In to the Subtleties of Spirit

This morning I was recalling a day not too long ago. The day I was remembering was not one of my best. In fact, I was feeling very down and discouraged about life. Those folks within close proximity of me listened to me express my dissatisfaction. It was pretty grim. In an attempt to lighten … Continue reading Tuning In to the Subtleties of Spirit

Finding Time…

I don't own a watch mostly because I never wear them. Even still, I do attend to the demands of time. Time to wake up, eat, work, be with family & friends, pay the bills, on and on it goes. These are the small details that make up life. At some point humans constructed the … Continue reading Finding Time…

Offering Thanks Restores You to Beauty

A Native American Elder once told me, "If we would remember to say thank you, we would never need another ceremony." I'll never forget him telling me this because it was also an instruction. I knew that at the time. We were sitting inside the tepee before the prayer ceremony began. It was just the … Continue reading Offering Thanks Restores You to Beauty

Morning Snuggles

On a usual day, I rise. I say good morning to my cat, Boo Doodles and our day begins. This day started differently. Immediately upon waking, Boo Doodles came over to me with a lovey noise. I said good morning and started petting him. He began to kiss and clean my hand. He was very … Continue reading Morning Snuggles

1000 Years

The majesty of Redwood Forests in California never fails to impress me. It is what lingers long after my visit that has me pondering the feeling they impart. If you had occasion to walk among these ancient ones it may be that you felt it too. There is a gentleness that is combined with strength … Continue reading 1000 Years

Seeing with New Eyes

If you've been lucky enough to encounter a new-born or recently born baby you have seen their wonder with the world. To them everything is new. There is more than a simple glance or looking at the world around them. It's as if they are soaking it all up. Babies, especially brand new ones, are … Continue reading Seeing with New Eyes

Lift Me Up!

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the muck? I sure have! Sometimes I fall in in & as if that's not enough I lay down and roll around in it. There have been times that I'm sunk to my knees. Once I become aware that I am there it can seem difficult to pull … Continue reading Lift Me Up!

Musings of Rain

Here in Northern California we have a very dry season. The rain that normally visits us starting in November has been nearly non-existent. Needless to say, people have begun to express concern. Yesterday morning while a passenger I saw life re-emerging in the subtle greening of the hills and in the blossoming of a few … Continue reading Musings of Rain


I love today's image! Wouldn't it be nice if it were written in the sky whenever change planned to make an appearance in our lives? Do you think we might embrace change more easily if this was true? Most people struggle and resist change. We may not particularly like things the way they are, but … Continue reading Change