Finding Time…

I don’t own a watch mostly because I never wear them. Even still, I do attend to the demands of time. Time to wake up, eat, work, be with family & friends, pay the bills, on and on it goes. These are the small details that make up life.

At some point humans constructed the idea of time. Breaking it into segments, whittling it down into tiny increments simply to be measured. That morphed into scheduling as much as possible into every second of the day. We’ve somehow bought into the idea that we must continually be in motion or pack time to the hilt. Even this is not enough. How often do we say or hear another person say, “If I can find the time”? It implies that we are so busy we have to create more hours in the day.

Consider the possibility that time is simply a construct of our own making. Digging a little deeper we might ask, “A construct for what?” I would say it is a design to pull our attention away from our true self. We have trouble embracing our radiance. There is no need to find the time or more time. You’ve done enough.

If you see yourself reflected in today’s writing on time, consider that you may believe that you have to do more in order to: ______________. Fill in the blank. Be happy, feel important, feel good, be successful, etc. In reality you don’t have to do anything to have all of those things; you are those things. We’ve forgotten this truth. If you notice that you are trying to find time, pull your attention back to remembering your brilliance. Time has no need to be found but we do.



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