Morning Snuggles

On a usual day, I rise. I say good morning to my cat, Boo Doodles and our day begins. This day started differently. Immediately upon waking, Boo Doodles came over to me with a lovey noise. I said good morning and started petting him. He began to kiss and clean my hand. He was very demonstrative in his love for me. It made me smile. We expressed our love for each other in the affection we shared. Our morning snuggles shifted my day from the start!

“What a great way to begin the day!”, I thought. Imagine if we could be greeted with such love and affection everyday. Taking time for tenderness invites gentleness to reside within you. Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but I think morning snuggles are the sustenance of loving kindness. I’m betting they can change the world!

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