Memorial Day Revisioned

Today is set aside to remember those who have died while serving in the armed forces. The precept is to honor those who lost their lives while fighting to make this a better world for the rest of us. That is an aspect of Memorial Day but to the people who are left behind that loved them this day can be one of many that are challenging. Perhaps a transition to marking this day in a slightly different way may provide deeper meaning to those remain here.

To the ones now gone we offer this. While we value your dedication and sacrifice for our country what we miss is your smile, your laughter, your touch. Today let us remember all of the unique things about you. We think about the relationship we shared and how our lives were richer for having you in it. Recollections of times shared, of details small and large that were distinctively you, take precedence in our minds. You are not forgotten. We hold you with us in our memories. Our memorial is to the place you will always hold in our hearts. This is the true essence of Memorial Day for those who knew and love you still.

I send love to everyone who has lost someone dear in the service of this country. May comfort find you this day.

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