Friday’s Flirt – Flirting Generates Smiles

Did you know that there is yet another benefit to flirting? Here it is…Flirting Generates Smiles! This is actually very cool because when you are smiling you appear open and approachable. Perhaps that is why men have a habit of instructing women to smile. No need to smile just because a man says so.

Instead, think of smiling as the outer expression of you enjoying yourself while you flirt. It is that simple. There you are in the moment, flirting, having fun, and your smile automatically shows up. It is a natural expression of your enjoyment.

People want to engage with you when your smile is present which makes flirting a breeze. And guess what? As you flirt with them, their smile appears too! Now you are engaged in a full-fledged flirtation. Hubba, hubba! Where you take it from there is all up to you, girl. You have so got this. Big grin over here, Shelly

If you are feeling nervous or need assistance to make it happen, let me know. We can have a conversation to talk about it.

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