Friday’s Flirt – Don’t Overthink It!

Have you ever found yourself getting stuck in your mind around flirting? It happens when you start to think things like; when do I flirt, who can I flirt with, will they respond, what if they do not like me, or worse what if they stop responding to me after we have already made a connection? All of these types of thoughts lead to overthinking. Before you know it, you are feeling stressed, anxious, and tense. This can lead to you not acting flirtatiously. 

Don’t Overthink It! Flirting brings you into your body which permits you to release being stuck in your mind thinking about concerns that may never arrive. It allows you to be present to now, not thinking about something that might happen in the future or living in your past. Flirting releases stress and eases tension in your body and in your mind. You experience fun, laughter, and a lightness of being when you flirt. In this way flirting restores enjoyment to you. 

If you find yourself starting to overthink flirting, remind yourself that all you need to do is to embody it. Flirting is the antidote to overthinking it. Act on it darling.

Blowing you kisses,

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