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Time to Fly!

Clarity comes with a bird’s-eye view, 

Here our minds are cleared of cobwebs too.


Freedom soars on eagles wings, 

Recall anew the hope this brings.


Traveling through this sacred flight,

We gain the restoration of our sight.


Above it all we will rise,     

Led by that which is truly wise.


Now lift your brooms into the sky, 

Come my friends, its time to fly!

Steps to Freedom

Living in the “Land of the Free” and feeling free might be considered as an automatic compliment to each other. In an ideal world that concept would be true. For any of you living in this country or others where feeling free is not your experience here are some tips toward gaining a feeling of liberation.

First, think about some things that you want. Then, design some goals one at a time using this process. Clarify what lifts you up or makes life flow with ease as you come up with a goal. Next, design the steps you can take to accomplish the goal. Break it down into realistic, attainable steps. Determine what, if any, obstacles are in the way or may get in the way. Come up with a plan to remove the blocks or view them from a new perspective that can support your goals. Now do the action steps and clear or re-frame any impediments. When you realize your goal take time to celebrate and find a way to reward yourself for making it happen!

As you become more tuned to what you want based upon what is truly meaningful to you, freedom becomes the lift to give you flight. You begin to feel as if you are effortlessly gliding. Wishing you a glorious and liberating trip!

P.S. If you get stuck, please call on me for assistance. http://www.shellyoconnell/contact

Stop Suffering Gain Freedom

For years I was fighting with life. People, circumstances, and my experiences where not continuously the way I wanted them to be. Because I could not at all times accept people, places and things exactly as they are, I struggled and suffered. I see so many times where I was unhappy, angry, frustrated and resentful as a result.

Then one day something happened! I let go of my desire to have it be the way I wanted. I accepted it as it was, including people as they were. I know this is not a new concept. There are many texts, ancient and new, that talk about suffering and its relationship to attachment. I’ve even read a few. I could understand it, nevertheless, a part of me always wondered, “is it possible to achieve non-attachment? Aren’t you attached to reaching the goal of non-attachment in a way?”

I learned that it is different when those esoteric concepts happen to you in real life. Freedom and possibilities were revealed when I stopped fighting for life to be my way all the time. Weight seemed to be lifted from my shoulders, tension left my body and I entered the moment. My perception shifted. “Today is a fabulous day!” I said out loud. I felt peaceful and open. I had a sense of freedom. I can tell you that this is a new way of being for me. I am enjoying being here. I hope to stay!

Right now these may only be words to you or you may understand fully. Either way I encourage you to stop fighting and struggling (if in fact you are) and embrace what is. Priceless treasures await you when you do!

Artwork by: AnimiDawn