Stop Suffering Gain Freedom

For years I was fighting with life. People, circumstances, and my experiences where not continuously the way I wanted them to be. Because I could not at all times accept people, places and things exactly as they are, I struggled and suffered. I see so many times where I was unhappy, angry, frustrated and resentful as a result.

Then one day something happened! I let go of my desire to have it be the way I wanted. I accepted it as it was, including people as they were. I know this is not a new concept. There are many texts, ancient and new, that talk about suffering and its relationship to attachment. I’ve even read a few. I could understand it, nevertheless, a part of me always wondered, “is it possible to achieve non-attachment? Aren’t you attached to reaching the goal of non-attachment in a way?”

I learned that it is different when those esoteric concepts happen to you in real life. Freedom and possibilities were revealed when I stopped fighting for life to be my way all the time. Weight seemed to be lifted from my shoulders, tension left my body and I entered the moment. My perception shifted. “Today is a fabulous day!” I said out loud. I felt peaceful and open. I had a sense of freedom. I can tell you that this is a new way of being for me. I am enjoying being here. I hope to stay!

Right now these may only be words to you or you may understand fully. Either way I encourage you to stop fighting and struggling (if in fact you are) and embrace what is. Priceless treasures await you when you do!

Artwork by: AnimiDawn

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