Steps to Feel Good Daily Interview

I had the opportunity to talk with Lona DeRieux during her show, Steps to Feel Good Daily with Lona. She shares tips to feel good each day and interviews guests who share similar information. During this show we talked about ways that flirting makes you feel good. I gave tips and information on flirting. We … Continue reading Steps to Feel Good Daily Interview

Flirting Connects You

Flirting Connects You and it does so in powerful ways! Flirting connects you to others in fun and delightful ways. It bridges the space of being in your mind to living in your body. Flirting links you to the magnificence of nature. Most importantly, it opens you to your inner power, beauty, and radiance.When you flirt, you … Continue reading Flirting Connects You

Feeling Frazzled? Flirt!

Hi Babe, do you ever have a moment or a day that leaves you stressed? I am sure you have been there. Your shoulders start getting tense and closer to your ears. The muscles in your body tighten, and your brain begins working overtime. It can be overwhelming. Not to worry, there is an easy solution. If … Continue reading Feeling Frazzled? Flirt!

Tired of Being Ghosted?

Tired of being ghosted? Want to keep your power in dating and relationships? Consider Flirting Coaching to help you gain confidence, have fun and have ongoing support. Hi, I am Shelly O’Connell, Flirting Coach for Women, and the Author of FINDING YOUR FLIRT. I coach women to gain confidence flirting, enhance their connections, and shine … Continue reading Tired of Being Ghosted?

Friday’s Flirt – Sex & Flirting

Hiya, today we are talking about Sex & Flirting. Oh, wait. You are thinking that flirting is so much more than sexual gratification. Yes, that is completely true! The past Friday's Flirt have covered the many topics of what flirting truly is at heart. Being playful, having confidence, staying in the moment, engaging in fun, … Continue reading Friday’s Flirt – Sex & Flirting

Make Relationships More Interesting

Are you currently in a relationship or do you want to be? There can be many great things about relationships, and they can have their challenges too. Being together is wonderful! And yet relationships may sometimes feel stagnant, dull, or even downright boring. Especially if you have been together for a while. It does not have … Continue reading Make Relationships More Interesting

Restore Your Vibrancy with Flirting

Has the continual cold, snow, or rain got you feeling blah and weary? Sometimes, the persistence of dreary can take a toll. It even happens to me occasionally, when I forget that I have the power to shift my feeling and energy if I choose.  That is right. I have the power and so do … Continue reading Restore Your Vibrancy with Flirting

You Can be Confident in Flirting

I know that you have been building on your flirting skills and yet there may still be times that you feel unsure of flirting. Perhaps you act confident but lose your cool if someone talks with you. Maybe things are going well until you begin to have feelings for the other person. It is not uncommon … Continue reading You Can be Confident in Flirting

3 Key Tips to Flirting Success

There are many things that make flirting great. Here are the 3 Key Tips to Flirting Success.  Remember to have fun and to reframe flirting as being playful. Flirting is something that we do for ourselves because it is fun! It brings us enjoyment, vitality, and openness.  Know your boundaries before you flirt. Be aware of them while … Continue reading 3 Key Tips to Flirting Success

Moving Beyond a Hookup

First, let me say there is nothing inherently wrong with a hookup. If it is something that you want and you feel good about it, then get it girl! However, if you have grown weary of this short-lived physical joining without any depth, then you might consider Moving Beyond a Hookup.  A few things to think about … Continue reading Moving Beyond a Hookup