Musings of Rain

Here in Northern California we have a very dry season. The rain that normally visits us starting in November has been nearly non-existent. Needless to say, people have begun to express concern.

Yesterday morning while a passenger I saw life re-emerging in the subtle greening of the hills and in the blossoming of a few trees. I closed my eyes and began imagining all that I knew of rain. I brought to mind the feel of  rain on my face. I remembered the smell that accompanies rain or even the promise of rain. I thought back to some truly magnificent thunder storms I have seen and recalled standing on a street with it raining on one side and not the other. I found myself smiling!

In the early afternoon I noticed a fine mist of water on the windshield. Again I took a moment to bring memories of rain to me. Upon waking today it was raining! The earth was wet. Birds were singing. My first thought was, “Yeah! Rain!”

The Native American Elders taught me that water is the first medicine. “Without water there would be no life”, they instructed. This morning I welcome the rain, the water and first medicine with gratitude and a smile.

Do you have memories to share of rain? I would love to hear them!

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