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You Can Say No Program

Many people find that they are challenged in saying yes to what they want or they put what they want last. Because this is so prevalent in our lives I created a program to assist with saying no.

It is the You Can Say No Program. This program allows you to explore saying no so that you can say yes to what you truly want.

This program is for you if you want to: gain or strengthen your ability to say no, stop being ignored, walked on, dismissed, talked over or shut down and if you wish to: have time for what is important to you, want to feel nurtured and supported in your days, be able to standup for yourself, have your voice be heard and open to the possibilities that enrich you.  

The You Can Say No Program is crafted to assist you in becoming comfortable and confident saying no in most instances so that you can say yes to create a life that you love. The complete program includes:

  • Your Ability to Say No Quiz (Value $175) Take this quiz to see how well you are able to say no and find out why that is important. Use this link to take the quiz for free!
  • One Free Introductory Coaching Call focused on Your Ability to Say No Quiz results (Value $150) Send me an email at: after you take the quiz to schedule this free coaching call.
  • You Can Say No Coaching Calls (Value $3,300) which includes: two coaching calls each month that are an hour in duration. Coaching calls are individually tailored to you and explore topics such as:
    • Identifying  your strengths and areas of growth in saying no,
    • Developing and applying discernment on what nurtures and supports you and what drains you,
    • Making healthier choices,
    • Self-care,
    • Strengthening boundaries,
    • Developing tools to deal with people’s reactions to you standing up for you and for what is right for you,
    • Becoming comfortable and confident with saying no in most any situation,
    • Designing goals and actions steps for saying no and for saying yes,
    • Exploration of areas where you say yes based upon what you want.

Value is $3,625

Saying no is important to your well-being. It is the first key to building a life that you love.

You can save money if you sign up by August 26, 2019! The cost is ONLY $272 per month for eleven months ($2,992) or one payment of $2,897 if you sign up by August 26, 2019. After that the cost goes up to $3,487 if paid in full or eleven monthly payments of $317.

BONUS: One month FREE! (Value $300) Pay only for 11 months of coaching calls and receive the twelfth month free for the You Can Say No Program! (An added benefit of calls includes never having to fight traffic or find parking, instead engage in coaching from the comfort of your own home.)

SPECIAL BONUS: Two additional “emergency” coaching calls for additional support as needed if you pay for the program in full! [These two calls must be used within the duration of the You Can Say No Program.] (Value $300)

Total Value with bonuses is 4,225.

If you sign up for this program by August 26, 2019 it’s only eleven monthly payments of $272 per month or one payment of $2,897.

Click here to sign up now (subscribe) for only $272/month:

Or click here for one payment of $2,897:

Planning your days to include more of what fills you in good ways and eliminate or change what empties or depletes you is how you begin to create a life that nurtures and supports you.

OR TRY THIS INTRODUCTORY THREE CALL PACKAGE: The Three Call Package is designed to let you get the feel of coaching, see what it’s all about and begin the process of working on saying no so that you can say yes to what you want. This introductory program includes:

  • Three You Can Say No Coaching Calls (Value $450) which includes:
    • Three coaching calls that are an hour in duration.
      • The first of these calls is focused on Your Ability to Say No Quiz results,
      • The second and third call will begin to work on your ability to say no with goals personalized to you.

Total Value of Introductory Three Call Package: $625

If you purchase this limited three call package by August, 26, 2019 the cost is ONLY $397! After that date the cost for the limited three call package goes up to $475.

Click here to sign up for the Introductory Three Call Package Early Registration of $397: 

There is richness contained in what you want.  

Let me know if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to talking with you! Shelly O’Connell, Life Coach

Meditation Revelation

During a recent meditation I learned that I was defining myself based upon things other people told me about myself. Even as I write that sentence I giggle about its absurdity. How can any other person know more truth about me than I know myself? Ludicrous!!!

And yet for so long I’ve held many of their concepts about me as correct. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everything a person tells you about yourself is limiting or derogatory. Only you can decide if what was told to you is true.

That brings me to the point of this post. It is helpful to your growth and mine to take a moment to examine the beliefs you hold about yourself. Are they the truth of who you really are at your core?

In this meditation it came to me that I believed the definitions others ascribed to me. Many of those descriptions from these people were much smaller than the actual reality of me. Immediately after this was revealed in meditation I began to compose my own definition of myself. Through tears of freedom I wrote down the following:

I am radiant. I am beautiful, kind, free. The truth is that I am a light and truth filled gift to the world. I bring the remembrance of beauty of Grace, of love. I carry the knowledge of loving and honoring the self. I am ancient and grand beyond measure. I honor all that I am. I see the truth of me. I know what is true of who I am. I stand fully in my inner true essence. I live my life from this sacred place. I embrace me.

Then I offered gratitude for this insight and revelation of truth.

You may notice, as I did after reading it, how many times truth or true is used in my own definition of me. I think that is important! Each of us is the sole one to determine our definition of self. In doing so we reclaim the truth of our being. The we begin we walk forward in a new way that is filled with openness and we take our next step based in authenticity.