Friday’s Flirt – Flirting, Fun, and Confidence

I see you out there. I notice your effort, the hard work you are doing every single day. I see the way you show up for your family, friends, and colleagues. I witness the drive and dedication you have to making your business or your life a success. You are on fire.

I see you. I pay attention to your weariness, your doubts, and your fears. I notice the days where you feel depleted and alone. I see that you could use some me time. I witness the heavy toll that doing it all can cost you. You are on fire.

Being on fire can mean getting it all accomplished in a great way and also mean burning it to the ground. Let me offer you an easy technique to keep you balanced. I am talking about flirting. Flirting renews and replenishes you. It is a way to restore lightness to your essence by engaging in play. Flirting is actually a form of play.

Read the full article in On Purpose Woman Magazine. This is a wonderful resource of inspiring women sharing their writing and offering their unique perspectives. I think you will enjoy it. Use this link to read the magazine:

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