Friday’s Flirt – Keep Your Power in Dating and Relationships

I love this image! It emphasizes a woman standing in her full essence in a powerful, centered way. Already she is someone I want to know. Imagine if she opened her eyes! I like to think that her gaze would be intense. She would find me smiling because of witnessing her in her power. It makes me want to spend time with this interesting woman.

Here is a compelling point about standing in your power. People want to engage with you. They are intrigued and cannot wait to get to know you. They find you captivating. 

Sometimes women have a tough time tapping into their power. They have told me stories of ways that they lost or gave away their power when dating or once they are in a relationship. They become timid and unsure of themselves in their interactions with their date or partner. They may even feel shame about their bodies or their desires. These things are often a result of the heavy conditioning that females experience. 

You can overcome these limiting beliefs and Keep Your Power in Dating and Relationships. This happens when you use the flirting tips consistently. As you practice flirtation, you become clearer on your boundaries. You clarify your intentions, and you gain confidence. All of these things assist you in keeping your power whether you are in a relationship or dating.

Remember, you set the rules and the people you flirt with play within them.

In awe, 
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