Friday’s Flirt – Think of Flirting as Self-Care

Start to Think of Flirting as Self-Care. When you are flirting you are raising your energy, radiance, and vibration to one of fun and play. This automatically makes you feel great! You shine with happiness when you are engaged in flirting with another person. Worries, stress, and the hassles of the day melt away. You live fully in the present moment. I would bet that your endorphins are lit up too. 

Flirting has to be one of the best forms of self-care available to you. It is not something outside of you that you need to seek out. You bring it forward from within yourself. This means you are able to partake of self-care at any time or in any place simply by flirting. Plus, it is completely free to flirt. What could be better?

Indulge in some fun self-care today.

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