Friday’s Flirt – Bring on the Heat with Flirting

Summertime is the perfect time to practice flirting. We tend to be more adventurous during this season as we set out to explore and enjoy being outside. There is a lightness to summer that brings forth playfulness. These things lend themselves to being flirtatious.

Everything is amplified in the summer. It is a season of warmth, rapid growth, and hanging out with friends. This is a time of soaking up some rays and dipping your toes into the water. Summer holds the heat. And it goes by quickly. Use the qualities of summer as inspiration for flirtation.

You can Bring on the Heat with Flirting easily during this time. This means that your intention for flirting contains sensuality too. You are being fully in touch with all of your senses as you flirt. See the vibrancy offered in summer, hear the waves crashing, taste the salt of the sea on your tongue, smell the ocean breeze, and touch the warmth of the sand. Be aware of your body as you playfully flirt. Let the heat come through you too. Remember to make eye contact. And most importantly have fun, laugh, and play while you are engaged in flirting.

Responses will be immediate. Savor it, beautiful, Shelly

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