Feeling Frazzled? Flirt!

Hi Babe, do you ever have a moment or a day that leaves you stressed? I am sure you have been there. Your shoulders start getting tense and closer to your ears. The muscles in your body tighten, and your brain begins working overtime. It can be overwhelming.

Not to worry, there is an easy solution. If you are Feeling Frazzled, Flirt! This may sound difficult to accomplish at that moment, and yet doing so can immediately shift your mood. Flirting makes the frazzled feeling melt away. Before you know it, you are smiling, laughing, and feeling great!

You are in control when you flirt, meaning you make the decision to transform those stressed moments into something fun that brings you delight. All you have to do is remember you have the power and ability to make it happen with flirtation. 

Light it up, Sugar!!! 

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