Friday’s Flirt – Flirting Makes Room for You

Do you ever feel like life is moving so rapidly that you rarely have time for you? With career, friends, family, and hectic schedules it can be too easy to find that once again you have put yourself last. This is a very common occurrence for women. But it does not have to be that way for you anymore. One way to ensure that there is room for you is by engaging in flirting. 

Flirting Makes Room for You. It creates a pause in your busy day that restores you. Flirting allows you to fill up and enjoy yourself. It carves out moments of time where you shine through. This is when the authentic, vibrant expression of your energy comes forth for your enjoyment.

One definition of enjoyment is: “the state or process of taking pleasure in something.” Wouldn’t it be fantastic to take pleasure in being fully, unapologetically you? You have the tools. Get started making room for you by flirting every day. And GO!

Cheering for you, babe,


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