Shades of Green

Ah, the many shades of green. Recent rain has awakened the Earth all around me revealing astonishing hues of green! At first glance it may seem that the land is simply green. Closer inspection led me to discover that the hills, the trees, and even some of the flowers flaunt their distinct color of green. Taken all together they create a symphony of green that is quite marvelous to behold!

They have worked some magic upon me, these subtle tones of green. I find myself observing them and noticing a gentle smile on my face. The muscles in my body seem to ease. I feel a gentleness come over me as I breathe deeply and smoothly surrounded by green. I would go so far as to say, I have fallen in love with the many shades of green.

This green manifestation is present for a brief moment in time, then a deeper green permeates the whole. I encourage you to take some time to lift your head up and look around. See how many varieties of green you find. Let them fill your senses. It may be that you engage their magic too!

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