Simple Pleasures

Many years ago I learned how to take in the simple pleasures that life offers. I was lucky enough to travel with a very, dear friend of mine. She was a Native American Creek Elder. Everyday she found delight in something. Upon waking and seeing you for the day she always embraced you, saying, “Good morning, good morning!” For her there was such joy in being alive.

This friend of mine loved flowers too. Once when we were traveling we encountered an entire field of sunflowers in bloom. She said, “Oh!” with wonder as I was buzzing along at 55 miles per hour. Because of her small utterance of awe in seeing this beauty, I slowed the car down. I turned around and parked on the side of the road despite her protests. Then we sat for many minutes as we took in the beauty of this field. It is a memory I treasure.

Prior to meeting her I wouldn’t have stopped for myself to receive the gift of the field of sunflowers. I never did tell her how much I learned from her about appreciating life’s simple pleasures. Even though she has since passed I hope she understood how being with her taught me so much. I continue to savor the simple pleasures whether it is; flowers on my table, a cup of my favorite tea, the sunshine on my face or the unique time spent with cherished friends and family. I hope you take a page from this wise woman’s teachings as I did. Thank you, Grandmother! Aho.

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