Finding balance in our lives can prove to be illusive. Our culture prompts us to be ever busy but being on a wheel of constantly striving comes at a price. Most notably our body and mind start to suffer. When we miss the chance to slow down, we miss renewal and moments of peace.

One of the ways I have found to establish balance is by listening to my body and my inner knowing. Rather than ignore the signals sent to me from these sources and push through to one more thing, I respond to what it is they are telling me. If these signals tell me I need to rest or spend some time in nature, I make a way for that to happen. Even if I have to cancel plans or put something on hold, I do it. I know that this is counter to what our culture tell us but I am more concerned with my well-being. No one else can establish my well-being; that has to come from me.

Some tools that help me in maintaining my balance are meditation and yoga. There are a variety of modalities for all of us to keep our center. It may be that prayer or cycling do it for you. If you are unsure how to find balance try some things out to see what works for you. Nothing will work in every situation. Go with what works in most circumstances. Give yourself the gift of consistently doing those practices that help you to sustain balance. I find that life moves fluidly and with great Grace and Beauty when I am successful in keeping my balance.

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