I love today’s image! Wouldn’t it be nice if it were written in the sky whenever change planned to make an appearance in our lives? Do you think we might embrace change more easily if this was true?

Most people struggle and resist change. We may not particularly like things the way they are, but we don’t welcome change either. I have always wondered about this notion of change as being something to fear or avoid. It seems we chose what is known; thinking it is the lesser evil in a way.

I have a different concept of change. To me change is always taking place even when we think that it is not. For example; maybe we go to sleep expecting that we know what our day will entail on the morrow. We think that we will rise, complete our usual morning routine and head off to work where we will engage in much the same thing as any other work day. In some ways this is true but there are still differences in the actual day, be it the weather or our engagement with the world.

We have these expectations, which I believe, are based on an illusion. It may be that we garner a sense of safety from them. Subscribing to this view of change will nearly always leave us anxious or fearful when big changes take place in our lives.

Consider thinking of change as a catalyst. It brings with it the gifts of experiencing something new and gives us the chance to evaluate our lives. Through change we learn, expand, heal and grow. We may learn things about ourselves that we never knew. We might find strength or tap a reserve of energy or Grace within us of which we were unaware. Change can bring us beauty and appreciation. It opens us like nothing else does. Change is always taking place in small or large ways. I hope we can learn to have assurance in it and in the unknown for all the prospects they bring.

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  1. Change… it does a body good. I think sometimes that change is good and know that it is good. Yet I find myself not liking change at times and this can be self-destructive.

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