3 Key Tips to Flirting Success

There are many things that make flirting great. Here are the 3 Key Tips to Flirting Success. 

  1. Remember to have fun and to reframe flirting as being playful. Flirting is something that we do for ourselves because it is fun! It brings us enjoyment, vitality, and openness. 
  2. Know your boundaries before you flirt. Be aware of them while flirting. Revisit and revise what is important to you regarding boundaries around flirting as needed.
  3. Set your intention for the flirt. What are you intending for this flirt? Is it to keep it light and playful? Do you want to be suggestive and add heat to the flirt? The intention for the flirt is what you want. 

Keep in mind that flirting is successful when you allow yourself to play. Let yourself experience how you feel when flirting. Your energy truly shines when you do.  

Sunglasses at the ready,

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