Moving Beyond a Hookup

First, let me say there is nothing inherently wrong with a hookup. If it is something that you want and you feel good about it, then get it girl! However, if you have grown weary of this short-lived physical joining without any depth, then you might consider Moving Beyond a Hookup. 

A few things to think about concerning hookups. Are you letting someone else be in charge? Do you think that hooking up will keep a man interested only to learn that he has ghosted you? If so, it might be time to revisit your boundaries. Clarify, and adjust them accordingly. Think about them in detail before you decide to hookup or not. Be clear in your intention for flirting before you flirt. Then ask yourself, what is it that you want?

Moving Beyond a Hookup means that you are willing to invest the time to cultivate a relationship, starting with dating, getting to know each other, and putting off sexual gratification until you feel a deeper connection. Remember, you have the power to define how you want to be treated. I know putting yourself out there can be scary or intimidating, yet the risk could lead you to finding something wonderful. 

Flirting Coaching can assist you in defining what is right for you and help you claim it too. Women can schedule a free flirting consultation with me by clicking SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION at the top of this website.

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