My Loyal Helper

I have a loyal helper who assists me each and every day. He is very attentive to all I do. I am followed from room to room in case I need his aid. He helps do everything! No task is beneath his notice. He calls to me if I am not within sight, “Ma or Mom” he says. After all there may be something tiny or large that he can help me to accomplish. His full name is: Jedi Beauregard Boo Doodles. I call him Boo or Boo Doodles.

Here he is helping meIMAG2722 brush my teeth.

I find it helpful that he takes time to contribute his opinion on my daily selection of attire as you see in this photo.


Here he is helping me to pack when I went on a trip.


Boo even helps me to paint. (He adds his signature paw print when I’m not looking.)


I feel really lucky to have such a steadfast assistant! Not everyone understands that he likes to help do everything. That’s ok because I do. Thanks for being my loyal helper, Boo! You make my days shine!

One thought on “My Loyal Helper

  1. He is such a cutie. And yes not many people may understand he is helping and getting in the way or what ever.

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