Friday’s Flirt – Sex & Flirting

Hiya, today we are talking about Sex & Flirting. Oh, wait. You are thinking that flirting is so much more than sexual gratification. Yes, that is completely true! The past Friday’s Flirt have covered the many topics of what flirting truly is at heart. Being playful, having confidence, staying in the moment, engaging in fun, creating stronger connections, and shining more radiantly are a few of the attributes of flirting.

Lean closer, babe. You can absolutely employ flirting with a goal of having sex. It depends on your intention going into flirting. Guess what? All of those attributes listed above come into play here too. You can also flirt to express your sexual interest. Think of using the art of flirting much like foreplay. Let your interest be shown playfully with the added heat of having sex as the outcome. You can build anticipation with flirting. Playfully flirting and teasing your intended partner is fun and hot! Flirting adds sizzle, before, during, and after a sexual encounter.

You are the leader in this dance. Your partner responds to the energy of flirtation that you are bringing. You set the intention and then use your skills to take this flirt wherever you want it to go. Remember to have fun and let yourself enjoy this aspect of flirtation.

Go get ’em, Goddess, 

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