Move Past Doubting Yourself

Do you ever think you are not good enough or unworthy? Maybe you wonder what someone could see in you or think you have nothing to offer. It is quite common for women to doubt their selves. Most have been conditioned to think they are lacking in some way. There is pervasive messaging to this effect in our society, media, and culture. Oftentimes this tape plays on unending loop in the mind which hacks away at self-esteem. Then self-doubt is rampant. When that takes place, you disconnect from your power.

This is not an accident. It is intentional in keeping women playing small. When someone is unaware or removed from their power it is so much easier to control them. Patriarchy has been doing this for an awfully long time to their benefit.

You can move past doubting yourself. The Flirting Coaching that I offer both through Friday’s Flirts and in individual Flirting Coaching, gives you the tools to Move Past Doubting Yourself. Practicing the techniques and using them helps you to shed the doubt and old negative tape. They release you into knowing your authentic self. You gain clarity and confidence. Vibrancy is restored to you. You become free to be and behave in ways that uplift you and others. And by doing so you loosen Patriarchy’s fingers from every woman’s neck.   

No pressure,

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