Get Up & Dance!

A few years back I initiated “dance night” with my husband. At the time we lived in a cold climate and I wanted something fun to do without going out on winter nights. This is how Wednesday dance nights originated in our house.

Circumstances never gave me the chance to learn the dance moves with girlfriends during childhood so this was a big step on my part. For years I never did dance, even when asked. I was too self-conscious at the time. My husband did not dance much either.

Regardless of our past we both got on board. We put on some music and much to my surprise we had a great time! My husband began trying out all kinds of moves getting more outrageous with my increasing laughter.  At one point our teenaged daughter arrived home from work to witness us dancing. She offered suggestions for improvement from her seat. I quickly made a rule that no suggestions/opinions were permitted unless you were on the dance floor yourself and were dancing. That put a halt to the suggestions. She eventually joined us once in a while for some dances.

We have progressed to dancing in public and still have a ball. I highly recommend you try it! It doesn’t matter if you are any good or what you look like while dancing. What is important is enjoying yourself while dancing. You body gets a chance to work out the kinks and you may finding yourself laughing. Have a good time! What have you got to lose? Get up and dance!

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