You Can be Confident in Flirting

I know that you have been building on your flirting skills and yet there may still be times that you feel unsure of flirting. Perhaps you act confident but lose your cool if someone talks with you. Maybe things are going well until you begin to have feelings for the other person. It is not uncommon for old patterns of behavior to show up when you practice something out of your comfort zone. No, you are not the only one who experiences this when flirting.

The good news is that You can be Confident in Flirting. First, remind yourself that practice helps you to gain mastery. Second, revisit the previous Friday’s Flirts for reminders on tips that can help you gain confidence in the areas where you are struggling. Then take it out into the world and practice on some lucky person. Refine as needed. Remember, it takes time and practice to make it happen. You can do it!

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