The Shift to What I am doing now

Life holds interesting twists and turns. You might find yourself arriving at completely unexpected place. That happened to me. Perhaps you have noticed that my focus here is different from the past. Let me take you on a journey of how that transition came to be. When I started this blog, it was to share some inspiration. I enjoyed creating and wanted to share my thoughts with others.

A friend asked me to help her practice flirting while we were at a women’s conference. What seemed playful and light took me to a path I had no notion that I would travel. As I assisted her, other women began to ask questions about things related to flirting. They were all single and wanted to be in relationship. Interestingly, they were unaware of men’s efforts to engage them. At the time I recognized that they needed more information to be successful in flirting. I came home from that trip and started writing, FINDING YOUR FLIRT.

After beginning the book, life became busy, and I put it on hold for three years. During the three years of hiatus on the book I trained and became a Life Coach. Then a woman started talking about flirting in a women’s group I attended. These women were the ones who encouraged me to finish the book. They were excited about the topic and were anticipating its publication. I took up writing the book again until it was completed and published. I am ever grateful to these women who kept asking me for updates.

The book gives women tools to become confident flirting. Not surprisingly it challenges the limits that patriarchy places on women around flirting. Uplifting women and questioning patriarchal limits placed upon women are essential factors of my being. I have been an advocate for women and children in my former work of crisis intervention. This was and still is very important and serious work. I continue to uplift women in a new way.

In FINDING YOUR FLIRT, I reframe flirting as a form of play. This helps to restore women to the gifts of being present to their selves and the present moment. All of this is done in a fun and engaging way. I have created Flirting Coaching Programs that offer women in-depth resources on flirting.

This shift took me to a place I had not anticipated. Yet the path is filled with beauty, playfulness, and deep engagement with life. I am glad to be here.

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