There are those who say, “If you have a dream, follow it.” I agree! I’ll add that following your dream is an inward journey. It involves consistent work on yourself. You will have to separate the opinions and advice of others from what you know is your dream. Often you have to get clear on your dream and also on what is needed to make it a reality. Many times doubt about your dream manifesting will creep into your awareness. Trust is required to see you through to the realization of your dream. So is faith in yourself and the Universe (known by many names) in bringing your dream forth.

It may take longer than you anticipate for your dream to come true, but don’t give up! Along the way the vision you have for your dream may change. Be open. The road may not always be easy or smoothly paved however you will get there. You might be scared to follow your dream. Do it even though you are afraid.

I think that our dreams grow us. They give us the chance to share with others so that they might be inspired to go for their dreams too. We encourage each other. I’m committed to following my dreams! Doing so has deepened me and given me joy. My life has become richer and I am grateful.

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