Well, it is that time of year once again. As we turn our attention to a new year many of us make resolutions. We endeavor to be better, eat healthier, and treat others kindly. Our thoughts move toward what we want to do differently, what we want to change and what to strive toward. These are all worthy pursuits from my perspective. Why then do you suppose that too often we fall short? At least, I have fallen short of keeping my resolutions. I’ve begun to wonder if those broken resolutions might be related to resolve.

When we have resolve we have determination. We are fully invested or committed. With resolve nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, is going to stand in our way! That is why I selected this photo to use for today’s post. When I look at this little girl I see a steely resolve. She is not concerned with climbing that log or tree partway. She is focused on accomplishing her goal of climbing to the top! The girl doesn’t concern herself with how small she is or with any other factor that might be considered an impediment to achieving her objective. This tiny female has tremendous resolve. There is no question in my mind over whether she will reach the top. Her expression and body language tell the eventual outcome. I am inspired by her!

For myself and anyone else who is considering making a New Year’s resolution make sure you have conviction in what you chose. Fill yourself with at least as much resolve as emulated by this wonderful little girl in fulfilling your commitment. If we make our resolutions in this way I am confident we will succeed!

*Photo by Sal Taylor Kidd*

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