Gloaming Hour

That time of day where the air offers a rare quality of light, I have been told, is called the gloaming hour. It is purported to hold magical properties. Artists and photographers know exactly what I mean by this, as may a host of others. Some people refer to this time as dusk but I think that is incorrect. Dusk follows the gloaming. As the sun begins to eases its way toward the horizon a shift in light takes place. It blankets the Earth and sky in diffused, astounding light.

Here in Northern California our hills nearby are often termed “golden.” My oldest daughter once said of them, “They are called golden, but not really Mom. They’re brown.” She changed her mind after seeing this light on the hills. When the Gloaming hour light touches the hills they become liquid gold which on many days turns to a rose or burnished gold hue. It is the application of this fleeting time that turns plainness into radiance.

Take yourself out in this light wherever you may be. I know I plan to do just that. Soak in the Gloaming light and watch the magic appear.

*Painting by William Keith*

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