Bright Blessings

The moon is said by various sources to rule over the oceans’ tides, the cycles of women and our emotions. Different phases of the moon can give us the opportunity to access specific elements of our nature. As it happens today is a full moon. Consider for a moment what might happen if you gave yourself permission to stand in the radiant light of the full moon tonight. Perhaps you would experience a bright blessings of the moon. It could be that your emotions open up. If that took place then the worry or stress you have been carrying might be set free making room for something incredible to arrive. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Whether you call the moon, Grandmother Moon, still think of The Man in the Moon or have no opinion regarding the moon’s title or essence, give yourself the chance to play a little. Stand in those gentle rays of light. See what happens.

3 thoughts on “Bright Blessings

  1. I have done that before and yes it is quite uplifting. The moon is revered in wiccan and pagan traditions quite heavily. And understandably so.

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